Guidance - Scheduling

Scheduling Last Updated: 5/21/2021 1:25 PM

1. Course Request instructions


2. Trouble Logging In


3. Please follow suggested courses below for your grade level.

ONLY schedule classes for your upcoming year.






Auburn Junior

Auburn Senior

*Juniors and Seniors who would like Early Dismissal:
Please have your parent/guardian send an email permission to Mrs. Behm

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5. Please view Course Guidebook


Summer Reading List for all grades

Summer Reading Instructions and Form

*Honors English need to read 3 books from the Summer Reading List

*CP English need to read 1 book from the Summer Reading List


When your schedule comes out in August, please review it carefully. If there is a issue, please email your Counselor, and they will do their best to solve the problem. Be patient during this time, as the Counselors receive hundreds of emails.


Physical Education Waiver


Schedule Change Guidelines

You MAY change your schedule for the following reasons:

  1. You are in the wrong level course (i.e. Math, Foreign Language)
  2. You are filling a study hall with a course/teacher’s aide position
  3. You are dropping an elective course to pick up a teacher’s aide position
  4. You are dropping 7th/8th period courses for an Early Dismissal with written parent permission and on track for graduation.
  5. You are adding in a core/graduation required course

You MAY NOT change your schedule for the following reasons:

  1. You requested a course, but now you don’t want to take it
  2. You don’t like the teacher/want a different teacher
  3. You want to swap an elective for a different one
  4. You are dropping a core course that you requested
  5. You are afraid a course that you requested will negatively impact your GPA
  6. You want to change lunches to be with a friend

Late Arrival Tuesday-different bell schedule

Bell Schedule

Block 1 (1-2) : 8:10-9:40am

Block 2 (3-4):  9:45-11:15am

Block 3:

A Lunch 11:20am-12:03pm

(5-6 class) 11:55-1:25pm

Singleton 5: 11:20-12:03pm

B lunch: 12:07-12:37pm

Singleton 6:  12:42-1:25pm

Lunch C: 12:55-1:25pm

(5-6 class) 11:20-12:50pm

Block 4 (7-8): 1:30-3:00pm

Singleton 7: 1:30-2:13pm

Singleton 8: 2:17-3:00pm