MLS focuses on improving attendance


Beginning this 2022-23 school year, Madison Local School District is focused on improving student attendance. Studies have shown that students who attend school regularly achieve at higher levels than students who do not, due to the ability to receive regular instruction and assistance from their educators and work closely with peers, leading to enhanced quality of education on all accounts. Overall, better attendance leads to better grades, higher levels of engagement, and fewer disciplinary issues. This all, of course, can help lead to greater success in adult life, and we thus feel it is extremely important to help our students and families understand the benefits of attending school as often as possible.

This year, MLS is working to improve communication with families whose students have not met the attendance goal. Per the Ohio Department of Education, students should have 93% attendance throughout the school year, roughly equating to missing no more than 18 days of school. Through our data analysis, we have found that a significant number of students will be considered chronically absent for the 2022-23 school year, meaning they will miss 10% or more of the year. Our goal is to reduce the number of students across the district that would fall into this category. 

We understand students are going to be absent due to sickness and essential appointments. Obviously, COVID-19 has been an additional barrier to attendance, and we understand that every family faces their own unique challenges. This is why MLS intends to work with each of our families as we aim to raise our attendance rates. 

“We’re here to support you,” states Angela Smith, Superintendent, “and we understand that each student, each situation, is unique. Ensuring that you are receiving our support is our priority, especially as we begin this initiative in tackling students’ attendance.” 

MLS is excited to continue working with our families as we strive to meet our attendance goals together. Teachers and administrators will continue to make contact and offer support to families in an effort to improve attendance. Please always feel free to contact the building administrators to share your questions, comments, and concerns. We are here and ready to partner with you in this process. 


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