Bingo Boosters donate to Stage Curtain Project


Madison Local Schools would like to extend a giant THANK YOU to the Bingo Boosters, which donated funds to repairing the stage curtains at Madison High School. These stage curtains have seen much wear and tear over the years as they are a critical piece of many productions, including concerts, plays, graduations, and much more. 


The Bingo Boosters has been funding the Madison Boosters for 39 years through regular Bingo games held at the High School. The money raised during the Bingo games is funneled back to Madison Schools in one form or another, whether it be academics, sports, the arts, scholarships, Awards Banquets, Prom, and more. The Bingo Boosters will also donate to the community in ways that affect our students in other ways; for example, they recently donated to the Cleveland Clinic for their bike safety training. 


Bingo is held at the High School every Monday from 6:15-10:00 pm all year long – including this summer! These games are open to anyone; in fact, there are only two operating Bingos east of Cleveland right now, and this is one of them. Pricings range from $14-22 depending on how many packages chosen. Check it out, play some Bingo, and support our students! 


For more information, see the Madison High School Booster Bingo FB page. 


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