MHS Curtain Project installs new curtains

School Board

Madison High School’s Curtain Project is finally complete! Thanks to the Bingo Boosters and multiple other organizations, businesses, community members, parents, and alumni who came together to make this project a success. 


The Curtain Project raised money to procure new stage curtains for the Madison High School stage. The curtains hanging prior were the original curtains installed when the building was built; throughout the years, these curtains have seen much wear and tear as they are a critical piece of many productions, including concerts, plays, graduations, and more. Additionally, these worn curtains give a poor impression of our phenomenal music and theater programs to individuals who have never been to see a MHS production. 


The Curtain Project was led by the Curtain Committee, which focused its efforts on making the project a reality. 


“Mrs. Jo Hudson, a grandparent and community member, diligently worked to see this project through. We are grateful to hear and all the other committee members who took an idea and made it a reality,” said Angela Smith, Superintendent. 


“The curtains were faded, torn, and the hardware did not work properly,” states Sally Rogus, a retired Madison Local Schools educator who remains connected with the school district, and was on the Curtain Committee. “Students and staff on stage struggled with the curtains not working properly, which could prove to be a safety hazard.”


The Bingo Boosters donated half of the fundraising goal for the Curtain Project. The Bingo Boosters has been funding the Madison Boosters for 39 years through regular Bingo games held at the High School. The money raised during the Bingo games is funneled back to Madison Schools in one form or another, whether it be academics, sports, the arts, scholarships, Awards Banquets, Prom, and more. Upon seeing the state of the old curtains, and hearing of the need to fund new ones, the Bingo Boosters committed to funding half of the project. 


Donations were then collected after band and choir performances in order to help reach the final Curtain Project goal. Local businesses, Kiwanis, community members, parents, and alumni also donated until the goal was met. 


After the funds were met, the curtains were ordered in the summer and installed at the beginning of the 2022-23 school year.



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