Family and Consumer Sciences prepare students for post-graduation

Dana Clark

At Madison High School, students of all grade levels have the opportunity to explore courses in Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS). According to the Ohio Department of Education (ODE), FCS is a set of courses that draws from a range of disciplines and contexts (education, business, social, economic, cultural, technological, geographical, political) to achieve optimal and sustainable living for individuals, families, and communities. FCS prepares students for the complexity of life after high school, which includes family, work, community, and the global society. 

“Family and Consumer Sciences courses allow students to plan for possible careers, develop practical skills for employment, and understand the importance of nutrition,” says Ms. Dana Clark, FCS teacher. “Students also learn appropriate childcare practices, financial literacy, resource management, parenting, and the art of positive communication.” 


Through hands-on experience, FCS classes allow students to develop teamwork and technology skills by bringing a variety of academic disciplines – including science, technology, engineering, math, and more – to life. As students learn how skills in these areas connect to real-world applications, they are better prepared to face the variety of challenges they will face throughout their adult lives.


Madison High School offers Life Skills, Child Development, Culinary Fundamentals, and Career Field Experience. Each MHS course offered in this area focuses on teaching necessary skills for success after graduation, no matter what career path students choose. By integrating knowledge from multiple disciplines, students are able to apply other areas of study to important life skills. 


Courses are offered as electives and open to all MHS students. 


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