Madison Schools honor our veterans

veterans day

Each year, our schools come together to recognize Veterans Day, which allows our students to commemorate the contributions of those who have sacrificed their lives for our country, as well as those who are currently serving to protect. The actions taken to honor Veterans Day differ from school to school, but each goes a long way in ensuring our students have the opportunity to not only honor these individuals, but learn about the important duties to which these people have dedicated their lives. 


We wanted to take a moment to recognize what each of our schools do to commemorate this day. Read below to see how our schools incorporated the honoring and learning of our veterans for the 2023 school year. 


South Elementary

South Elementary included multiple areas of commemoration for this year’s Veterans Day! First, South would like to thank the three Madison High School trumpet players that played Taps for students. Taps originated as a bugle call which was used to communicate that troops should extinguish all lights and go to bed. Now, Taps is played as a remembrance for veterans.


Ms. Kristen King, music teacher, also put together a program performed by the fourth graders and invited fourth grade families and all area veterans. During the assembly, students watched as veterans presented the flags and retired old ones; heard from individuals about the meaning of Veterans Day and personal connections to the day; and watched a slideshow of submitted photos of family members who are veterans. Students were also able to share poems and songs. A big thank you to the PTO, which provided donuts and coffee! 



North Elementary: 

Students participated in an assembly that featured a guest speaker who spoke on the importance of Veterans Day. North would also like to extend thanks to the High School for providing a couple of trumpet players to play Taps in commemoration, which led into additional music provided by the North fifth grade students! Local veterans were invited to attend the assembly and be publicly thanked for their service to our country. 



Middle School

The Middle School held an assembly for eighth grade students on Veterans Day, where students learned about each flag of the armed services. The flags are living pieces of history that serve as sources of history, pride, and unity for the United States. Veterans presented each flag as well as discussing what each crease means when properly holding the flag. 


Students also signed banners to thank veterans on the Middle School’s own staff: Mr. Thomas, sixth grade science teacher, and Mrs. Sonnie, School Resource Officer. The Middle School is proud to commemorate the lives and service of these two dedicated individuals who have chosen to continue their work in Middle School education. 



High School

At the high school level, the point of focus is shifted to an individualized learning journey. Students are encouraged to participate in writing a VFW scholarship essay, offered through Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). VFW is a nonprofit veterans service organization composed of eligible veterans and military service members from the active, guard, and reserve forces. VFW aims to ensure veterans are respected for their service and recognized for the sacrifices they and their loved ones have made on behalf of the United States. In encouraging students to participate in VFW scholarship essay opportunities, students are able to do their own research and synthesize their learnings through an academic focus. 


High school trumpet players also visit the elementary schools to support those Veterans Day assemblies and commemorations. 



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