Maintenance Department supports educational spaces for students

Pat Smith

The Madison Local Schools buildings provide our students with an environment that supports their learning and growth in education. All of the buildings and grounds of the school district constitute one of the greatest investments of the Madison Board of Education: this is where our students attend class everyday, where teachers can create their own learning spaces, where students discover new interests and hobbies, and where we all come together to teach our future generations. 


In order to ensure these spaces can properly support our students in academics, sports, the arts, clubs and activities, and more, our school district must maintain the quality of our buildings. This is where our Maintenance Department comes in. 


The Maintenance Department is district-wide and is designed to address preventative, routine, and emergency maintenance of the schools’ physical plant and facilities to support the educational process and meet the expectations of the community. The department works in close cooperation with local police and fire departments to provide secure buildings and protection from fire hazards and faulty equipment. This program encompasses each of the school facilities, as well as the athletic facilities, stadium, and grounds.


“You name it, we do it,” says Patrick Smith, Maintenance Supervisor and Physical Plant Director. “We try to prevent anything from going wrong and catch challenges before they become an emergency – that doesn’t always happen, as unexpected issues always seem to creep up, but we’re prepared for all outcomes.” 


The Maintenance Department is constantly assessing what the district needs overall, as well as on a building-by-building level. With such a far-reaching program, many are surprised at how small the department actually is – with only three staff members, this department busies itself throughout the district with all actual and potential facility needs. In addition, these staff members work with building custodians who are involved in the care, cleaning, and complete maintenance of school facilities. 


“I’d like to see some new roofs on buildings and maybe a few additional parking lots this year,” adds Mr. Smith. 


“Pat Smith and his team work hard everyday to provide a learning environment that is clean and safe for our students.  In the winter when the snow flies, his team puts in long hours to ensure our parking lots are plowed in addition to all the other work his team does.  His team takes great pride in their work,” said Angela Smith, Superintendent. 

Maintenance staff are constantly moving throughout each of the Madison Local Schools buildings, taking care of online work requests sent in by teachers and staff, and keeping an eye out for potential safety hazards. 


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