MLS recognized for Tier I Excellence as an Award-Winning District in PBIS

Ohio PBIS Network

Madison Local Schools is committed to enhancing our students’ educational experiences through Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) efforts. These efforts have clearly been making an impact, as the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) has recognized all five Madison Schools for Tier I excellence, and the district as a whole as an award-winning district. 


PBIS connects dots for students that are otherwise unmet in typical academic days; in addition, PBIS efforts provide a framework for staff and teachers to improve. Shannon Kriegmont, District PBIS Coach and SES Principal, explains, “These efforts ensure we are looking at our students as a whole, and not just from an academic perspective. They help support our students’ development socially and emotionally – in relation to other students, and in relation to themselves.”


Specifically, these efforts look at the importance of: 


  • Fostering of social and emotional skills within school curricula
  • The “whole child” approach, which works to foster environments of belonging and connection for students and adults to engage and thriving in their learning
  • Trauma-Sensitive Schools, where all students feel safe, welcomed, and supported, as well as being able to address the impact of trauma on learning on a school-wide basis
  • Reducing discipline referrals
  • Increasing academic success


Each year, the ODE and PBIS Network recognize schools and districts for their quality and fidelity of PBIS implementation. With all five Madison Local Schools being recognized, this means MLS is exceeding state standards and expectations in ensuring each of our students is able to thrive academically and personally in our cultivated learning environments. 


These awards were presented for MLS’s work in Tier I PBIS efforts, which emphasizes modeling, teaching, and acknowledging positive social, emotional, and behavioral skills. According to the Center on PBIS, Tier I establishes the foundation for delivering regular, proactive support, and preventing unwanted behaviors. While Tier 1 is a foundation and applicable to all students, about 10-15 percent of students will need additional support beyond these efforts. 


During the 2022-23 school year, the Elementary schools will be shifting focus to implementing Tier II interventions for students needing more behavioral support; the Middle and High Schools will also be training on Tier II. 


Tier II implements direct interventions focused on skill development and increasing protective factors for students and their families, such as check-in and check-out programs or skill development groups. As per the ODE, Tier II interventions typically occur after an identified concern generates a referral from the parent(s), teacher(s), or counselor(s), or when a universal screening measure identifies a student or group of students at potential risk. These risks might be loss of parent or loved one, frequent moves resulting in multiple school placements, or exposure to violence and trauma.  


Pre-K will continue their work for their data collection system in Tier I. 


There are multiple individuals that work on the District PBIS Team to make this possible for our district, students, and families. The team engages in quarterly meetings to discuss new and continuing practices, areas of potential concern, and plans for improvement or adjustment. 


Ms. Kriegmont is grateful for the commitment MLS staff makes to ensuring PBIS is effective at all levels, stating, “I would like to say a big thank you to the building coaches and team that lead the staff in doing this hard, important work!”


The District Team includes: 


  • Shannon Kriegmont, District Coach/SES Principal
  • Betsy Titler-Keller, Pre-K Coach/Pre-K Intervention Specialist
  • Gabriela Peters, NES Coach/NES Kindergarten 
  • Nick Ciani, SES Coach/SES PE Teacher
  • Becky Barton, MMS Coach/MMS Intervention Specialist
  • Julie Behm, MHS Coach/MHS Guidance Counselor

Additionally, MLS would like to thank all individuals involved in creating safe, educational environments for our students. After such a successful PBIS year, MLS is looking forward to what this team and our dedicated staff and faculty are able to accomplish during the 2022-23 school year. 


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