MLS welcomes new Treasurer

Sarah Palm

Madison Local Schools would like to welcome Sarah Palm as the new Treasurer of MLS. Mrs. Palm has years of acquired experience in payroll, eliminating deficit spending, and auditing. As a mentee of previous Treasurer Mike Vaccarriello, Ms. Palm is excited to join us – and MLS is excited to welcome her to our team. 


As she starts her career at Madison, Mrs. Palm aims to develop relationships with the board, administration, staff, and the community to ensure the best academic experience for Madison Local School students, while still remaining fiscally sound. “It’s important to me as a Treasurer to work closely with everyone involved with our educational program to help meet our students’ needs. My role is to provide financial stability so we can implement those opportunities that will help our students develop into successful adults. I’m grateful for the chance to add my skills to our strong Madison team.”


Board President Shawn Douglas states, “We are excited to have Mrs. Palm join us as Madison’s new Treasurer! She is off to a great start and we appreciate all she brings to the district. We look forward to working with her to provide a quality education to our students.” 


Mrs. Palm graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Communications from Thiel College in Greenville, PA in 2007. She then went on to take courses from the University of Phoenix in School Finance and School Law. Afterward, Mrs. Palm started her accounting career in Billings, Montana, before returning locally to work for Andre P. LaSalle, CPA for two years. In 2018, Mrs. Palm pursued her School Treasurers License under the mentorship of the Treasurer at Ashtabula, where she worked for six years. She also received the Auditor of State Award for Fiscal Years 2019, 2020, and 2021. Mrs.Palm has worked in Treasurer positions at Ashtabula Area City Schools, Newbury Local Schools, and Crestwood Local Schools. 


“Mrs. Palm has been an outstanding addition to our team,” says Angela Smith, Superintendent. “She is a hard worker and wants to do what is fiscally responsible and what is best for our students.”


As a graduate of Edgewood High School in Ashtabula County, Mrs. Palm has always found herself next door to Madison Local Schools: “Throughout the course of my education, I had many experiences with Madison, attending sporting events, band events, and more – I am very much enjoying being back in a district I am familiar with!” Mrs. Palm says. “My family and I very much enjoy Lake County and all that it has to offer – additionally, I feel fortunate to be with a school district that has an excellent reputation throughout the County.” 


Welcome to Madison Local Schools, Mrs. Palm – we are excited to see what you accomplish within our district.




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