North’s STREAKs of the YEAR


Congratulations to North Elementary’s 32 STREAKs of the YEAR! These students have exemplified our STREAK behaviors: Safety, Teamwork, Responsibility, Effort, and Kindness. Students are encouraged to practice all STREAK behaviors in the classrooms or virtual learning, restrooms, cafeteria, hallways, playground, and even on the bus. 


These 32 STREAKs of the YEAR have been consistent in going above and beyond in all of these behavioral areas, serving as positive role models for their peers. These students were selected for this award by their teachers, as every teacher selected their own STREAK of the YEAR. 


To celebrate our STREAKs of the YEAR, our 32 elementary students rode a limo to Madison DQ and ate their hearts out at Madison Township Park. Additionally, students get their picture hung on North’s Wall of Fame for a year – but our 5th grade award recipients get to keep their photo up forever! 


Congratulations to all – your hard work ought to be celebrated with the best we can offer! 



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