Project Unify team defends undefeated streak

Project Unify

On Thursday, February 9, our Project Unify athletes swept the floor with their competing team – their teachers! Project Unify is an annual assembly where Mr. Sanford’s class challenges a team of staff members to a game of basketball. Students were able to keep their undefeated streak alive with the score ending at 20-18, led by senior Aiden Weber and junior Aiden Hull, who had both tallied six points when the clock read zero. The team defended their reigning title in front of all Madison High School, with their peers cheering them on as they took their victory. 


The game was exciting, but Project Unify was created as so much more than a game. Founded in 2014 by former Madison High School student Haley Azbill, Project Unify is an initiative that aims to give a shining moment to students who typically do not have a chance to find the spotlight. This program facilitates inclusion and respect for all students in order to foster friendships and celebrate differences; special needs students are the stars of the game and are cheered on by all of their peers as they get to battle it out against the staff. This event has been bringing the community together since its founding, and continues to do so.  


This year’s program advisers were senior Libby Worth and junior Kelsey Kanith, who spent months putting together every aspect of the event and getting to know our Team Unify athletes. It was clear their hard work paid off as the assembly remained one of the best days of the school year, with all students attending and excitedly cheering on their classmates. 



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