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9th grade Physical Science (CP and Honors)





















11 2/6

CP - check 2.3 questions, understand chemical properties, demo ( flammablity, change in color, gas production) assignment

Honors - check 3.1 questions, understand states of matter, write opinion on enviormental issue, opinions are read aloud, No homework

CP - read arsenic article page 59, answer 3 questions on bottom
12 2/7

CP - read arsenic enviormental opinions aloud, homogenous vs heterogenous worksheet, go over with students and grade,assignment

Honors - review chapter 2 and 3.1, matter classification lab, no assignment

CP - sections 3.1, 18 questions
13 2/8

CP - check 3.1 questions, understand states of matter, matter classification lab, no homework

Honors - discus and grade matter classification lab, homogenous vs hetergenous worksheet complete and go over with students, assignment

Honors - section 3.3, 18 questions
14 2/11

CP - finish matter classification lab, discus and grade lab, Bell jar demonstration, assignment

Honors - check 3.3 questions, discus phase changes, Phase change demonstration, physical vs chemical worksheet, grade in class, no assignment

CP - section 3.3, 18 questions
15 2/12

CP - check 3.3 questions, understand change of states, phase change demonstration, physical vs chemical worksheet, discus and grade in class, no assignment

Honors - graph time vs temp. for phase change results, complete chemical vs physical properties worksheet, go over and grade, review for chapter 2,3 test, assignment

Honors - study for chapter 2,3 test, compete graph of phase changes
16 2/13

CP - graph time vs. temp for phase change results, complete chemical vs physical worksheet, review and grade, review for chapter 2,3 test, assignment

Honors - review questions of students, distribute chapter 2.3 test, element symbol, spelling, characteristics 1-7, assignment

CP - study for chapter 2,3 test, graph complete

Honors - study for element quiz

17 2/14

CP - review , distribute chapter 2,3 test, introduce elements 1-7, no assignment

Honors - pass back chapter 2,3 test and go over, students correct, liquid nitrogen video,  assignment

Honors - 4.1, 24 questions
18 2/15

CP - pass back chapter 2,3 test and go over with students, students correct test, liquid nitrogen video, assignment due Wednesday

Honors - check 4.1 questions, understand Greeks (Zeno's riddle, Democritus, Aristotle) , Galileo, element quiz 1-7, no assignment

CP - section 4.1, 24 questions
19 2/19

CP - element quiz, chapter 2,3 re-test, assignment

Honors - review Greeks, understand Boyle, Dalton, Thomson, element quiz, no assignment

CP - section 4.1, 24 questions
20 2/21

CP - check 4.1 questions, pass back ch.2 re-test, understand Greeks (Zeno's riddle, Democritus, Zeno's riddle), Galileo, element quiz

Honors - review, understand Ernest Rutherford 's experiment and revised model of the atom, James Chadwick 's experiment and revised model of the atome, element quiz, assignment

Honors - section 4.2, 17 questions
21 2/22

CP - understand Boyle definition of an element, John Dalton,draw and describe JJ Thomson experiment and model of the atom, element quiz 3, assign elements 20-25, no assignment

Honors - check 4.2 questions,differentiate atomic number, atomic mass, isotopes,(NOM standards 1&2), element quiz, assign elements 26 - 31, no assignment

22 2/25

CP - review Greeks thru Thomson, draw and describe Ernest Rutherford experiment and model of the atom, Chadwick's experiment and revised model of the atom, element quiz, 4.2 reading assignment

Honors - review atomic number and atomic mass, isotopes, amu, assign atomic number - atomic mass worksheet, grade and go over, assignment

CP - section 4.2, 17 questions

Honors - section 4.3, 8 assesment questions page 118

23 2/26

CP - check 4.2 questions,understand atomic number, atomic mass, amu, isotopes, element quiz, no assignment

Honors - check 4.3 questions, comprehend Neils Bohr quantum theory, cloud model, electron configuration, assignment

Honors - students complete electron configuration for elements atomic numbers 1-18
24 2/27

CP - review atomic number, atomic mass, isotopes, complete atomic mass, atomic number worksheet, go over and grade with students, assignment

Honors - check electron configuration,review Bohr quantum theory, demonstrate electron configuration for students, review for chapter 4 test

CP - section 4.3, 8 assesment questions page 118
25 2/28

 CP - check 4.3 questions, understand Bohr's quantum theory, cloud model, demonstrate electron configuration, assignment

Honors - element quiz,  chapter 4 test

CP - complete electron configuration for elements with atomic numbers 1-18
26 3/1

CP - check electron configuration, go over e.c. with students, element quiz, chapter 4 test review, homework

Honors - finish chapter 4 test, element quiz, start 5.1 questions

CP - study for chapter 4 test
27 3/4

CP - pass back element quiz 6 , students correct, chapter 4 test, assignment

Honors - element quiz 6, pass back to correct, add elements 33-38, pass out chapter 4 test for corrections, assignment

CP - study for chapter 4  test

Honors - section 5.1,  11 questions


28 3/5

CP - finish chapter 4 test, element quiz 7, students work on 5.1 questions

Honors - check 5.1 questions, understand Antione Lavoisier, Dmitri Mendeleev, finish chapter 4 test corrections, assignment

Honors - section 5.2, 25 questions
29 3/6

CP - pass back chapter 4 test, students correct, 5.1 questions

Honors - check 5.2 questions, review Lavoisier, Mendeleev, understand groups, periods, metals, interpreting the periodic table, atoms video ( goldsmith), no homework

30 3/7

CP - address questions, element quiz 8, chapter 4 re - test, assignment

Honors - element quiz 7,review sections 5.1,5.2, conductivity lab, assignment

CP - 5.1, 11 questions

Honors - 5.3, 35 questions

31 3/8

CP - check 5.1 questions, discus Lavoisier, Mendeleev, add 6 more elements, 5.2 questions

Honors - check 5.3 questions, understand groups on the periodic table, add 6 more elements, group 1 demonstration of reactivity of Li, Na, and K with water, no assignment,

 CP - section 5.2, 25 questions
32 3/11

3/11 - 3/15 OGT Practice test all week ( classes 1 hour)

 CP - check 5.2 questions, review Lavoisier, Mendeleev, understand periodic table, atoms video (properties of gold), no assignment

Honors - element quiz, chapter 5 test review

33 3/12

CP - element 9 quiz, review tendencies on the periodic table, assignment

Honors - chapter 5 test

CP - section 5.3, 35 questions (20 pts)
34 3/13

CP - check 5.3 questions, understand group characteristics, Group 1 demonstration (Li, Na, K) reacting with water

Honors - pass back chapter 5 test and correct, assignment

Honors - section 6.1, 25 questions
35 3/14

CP - conductivity lab, chapter 5  test review, homework

Honors - check 6.1 questions, discus electron dot diagrams, cations, anions, no assignment

CP - study for chapter 5 test
36 3/15

CP -  chapter 5 test

Honors - draw electron dot diagrams, draw valence diagrams, predicting formulas for ionic compounds, naming ionic compounds,adding the charges to 0


Honors - Complete valence diagrams, and electron dot diagrams
37 3/18

CP - element quiz 10, pass back chapter 5 test and students correct, re-test tomorrow

Honors - check valence diagrams, draw valence and electron dot diagrams, element quiz 9, 6.2 questions

Honors - section 6.2, 21 problems
38 3/19

CP - chapter 5 re- test, assignment

Honors - check 6.2 questions, understand covalent bonds, structural  formulas, finish element list, no assignment

CP- section 6.1, 25 questions
39 3/20

CP - check 6.1 questions, understand electron dot diagrams, valence diagrams, assignment

Honors - element quiz 10, understand covalent compounds, structural formulas, assignment

CP - valence diagrams, electron dot diagrams, 20

Honors - structural formulas

40 3/21

CP - check valence diagrams, go over electron dot diagrams and valence diagrams with students,assignment

Honors - check structural formulas, go over with students, assignment

CP - section 6.2, 21 problems, study for element test

Honors - structural formulas 2, element test

41 3/22

CP - check 6.2 questions, element (symbols and spelling test), understand structural formulas, review ionic cpds, Atoms video (2), no assignment

Honors - check structural formulas, element test (symbols,spelling), go over structural formulas ( octane, sucrose, glucose, caffeine, nictotine), assignment

Honors -  section 6.3,6.4 assessment 1-8 page 181
42 3/25

CP -  pass back element test and students correct, go over structural formulas, assignment

Honors - check 3.4 questions, go over metallic bonds, chapter 6  test review, element test passed back and corrected

CP - Structural formulas, element re-test

Honors - study for chapter 6 test

43 3/26

CP -  check structural formulas and go over, assign structural formulas 2, element re-test

Honors - Chapter 6 test

44 3/27

CP - check structural formulas 2 and 6.4 assessment questions, review for  chapter 6  test

Honors -  finish chapter 6  test, element description test

45 3/28

CP - test review,chapter 6 test

Honors - pass back ch.6 test and correct, pass back element description test and correct

46 4/8

CP - review ch.6, pass back chapter 6 test, students correct test

Honors -  Structural formula lab, assign 7.1 questions

CP - study for re-test

Honors - sec 7.1, 23 questions

47 4/9

CP -  chapter 6 re-test, assignment

Honors - check 7.1 questions, understanding Lovoisier's conservation of mass for balancing equations ( standard 7 NOM), video of splitting water into H and O,  assignment

CP - sec 7.1, 23 questions

Honors - balance 9 equations

48 4/10

CP - review for mid-term, structural formula lab,

Honors - check balanced equations, review for midterm


49 4/11

CP - check 7.1 questions, students will be able to balance  chemical equations, atoms video on making and splitting up water, assignment

Honors - Midterm, students will understand moles and mole conversions, assignment



CP - 9 equations to balance

Honors - molar conversions worksheet

50 4/12

CP - check balanced equations, midterm

Honors - check molar conversions,pass back midterms and go over with students, students will be able to convert moles to mass, volume, # of molecules. no assignment

51 4/15

CP - pass back midterms and go over, students learn to balance equations,give elements for description test

Honors - students learn stoichiometry, assign stoichiometry 2 problems

52 4/16

CP - check 8,9 balanced equations, students will be able to balance equations and complete molar  conversions, assignment

Honors - check stoichiometry 2  problems, students will be able to complete various stoichiometry problems using  moles, quiz, 10.1 questions

CP - 19 problems

Honors - sec 10.1, 31 questions

53 4/17

CP -  check molar conversions, students understand stoichiometry, group problems, assign stoichiometry 2 problems

Honors - check 10.1 questions, students understand 3 emissions of radioactivity (alpha, beta, gamma) and characteristics of each, assign 10.2 questions

CP - 6 problems assiciated with combustion of methane

Honors - sec.10.2, 16 questions

54 4/18

CP - check stoich. 2 problems, students will be able to solve basic stoichiometry probems using balanced equations, group quiz, grade and go over with students correcting

Honors - check 10.2 questions, students are able to solve half - life problems, discus half-life and radiocarbon dating, assign 4 problems

55 4/19

CP - element description test, 10.1 questions due Tuesday

Honors - check half - life problems, students will be able to calculate half-life problems, group work hl 2 problems 1-6, check and go over with students

56 4/22 Cp & Honors - complete chapter 4  assessment questions 1-37, pages 121-122 and standardized prep question 1-6 page 123 (Substitute)  







Cp - check 10.1 questions, students will learn 3 emissions of radioisotopes, assignment

Honors - review radioisotopes, radioactivity decay lab

CP- check 10.2 questions, students will be able to work half-life problems, discus half-life, assign 4 problems

Honors - review radioactivity and half-life problems,assign 10.3 questions


CP - section 10.2, 16 questions
58 4/25

CP - students will be able to solve half-life problems, check half-life problems, go over, work on 6 half-life problems, check and go over with students, no hw

Honors - students will comprehend transmutations in nature and artifically,check 10.3 questions, discus transmutation, atoms video part 3, assign 10.4 questions

Honors - section 10.4, 31 questions
59 4/26

CP - students will be able to further understand half-life of radioisotopes, introduce radioactivity lab, students graph and complete questions

Honors - student will understand history of how fission was discovered and the formation of nuclear warfare, check 10.4 questions, discus fission

60 4/29

CP - check 10.3 questions, students learn of transmutation,transuranium elements, read issues in science and write opinion, assign 10.4

Honors - Students learn of Big Bang theory, fusion, review for chapter 10 test


61 4/30

CP - students understand history of fission, check hw, discus fission, homework

Honors - review questions, chapter 10 test

CP - section 10.4, questions 16-31, issues in science page 302 question 3
62 5/1

CP - students learn of Big Bang theory, fusion, test review

Honors - finish chapter 10 test, 11.1,2 questions

63 5/2

CP - review, chapter 10 test

Honors - pass back chapter 10 test and correct, assign 11.1,2 questions

64 5/3

CP - review, finish chapter 10 test, element video (part 1 Gold)

Honors - check 11.1,11.2 questions, students learn about physics, reference point,speed and velocity....

65 5/6

CP - students correct chapter 10 test, 11.1,11.2 questions

Honors - review reference point, velocity, video ( Periodic table part 1,2 - gold , copper, and bronze),

Honors - section 11.3, 31 questions
66 5/7

CP - chapter 10 re-test, 11.1,2 questions

Honors -  students will be able to compute acceleration problems, discus acceleration calculations

67 5/8

CP - check 11.1,2 questions, students learn of  reference point, speed, velocity, assign 11.3 questions

H - students will be able to compute acceleration problems,  board work 1-12, review for chapter 11 test

CP - section 11.3, 31 questions
68 5/9

CP - check 11.3 questions, students learn how to calculate acceleration problems, assign problems 1-7

Honors - chapter 11 test, 12.1 questions

69 5/10

CP -  students learn to compute acceleration related problems, check 1-7 questions, go over with students, assign problems 8-12, show element video part 2 copper and bronze.

Honors - pass back chapter 11 test and go over, students correct test, chemistry video part 3 (periodic table), 12.1 questions

70 5/13

CP - check acceleration problems 8-12, students learn to calculate acceleration problems, go over probems, chapter 11 review

Honors - students understand forces. types of friction, assign 12.2 questions


71 5/14

CP & Honors - Substitute ( Chapter 5 assessment and test prep questions)

72 5/15

CP - Chapter 11 test

Honors - check 12.2 questions, students learn about Galileo, Newton's 1st two laws of motion, discus force problems, assign 8 force problems

73 5/16

CP - pass back chapter 11 test and correct, chemistry video (periodic table)

Honors - check 8 force problems, go over with class, 12.3 assignment

Honors - section 12.3, 15 questions
74 5/17

CP - chapter 11 re-test, assign 12.1 questions

Honors - check 12.3 questions, students will understand Newtons's 3rd law of motion, conservation of  momentum, assign 12.4 questions

75 5/20

CP and Honors -  Students complete chapter 6 review questions

76 5/21

CP - check 12.1 questions, students understand units of  force, types of friction forces, balanced forces, assign 12.2 questions

Honors -  check 12.4 questions, students will be able to identtify the 4 fundamental forces in the universe,affects of Moon's gravity on tides, chapter 12 test review

77 5/22

CP - check 12.2 questions, understand Newtons 1st and 2nd laws of motion, demonstrate using F = MA to calculate force, assign 8 problems

Honors - chapter 12 test

78 5/23

CP - check force problems and go over, assign 12.3 questions, discus practice OGT test results

Honors - pass back chapter 12 test and go over, students correct, assign 17.1q

79 5/24

CP - check 12.3 questions, discus Newton's 3rd law and give example  of how it was ignored in Gemini space flight,assign 12.4 questions

Honors - check 17.1 questions, understand properties of waves and calculating the speed of waves using wavelength and frequency, assign 12.3,12.4 questions

80 5/28

CP - check 12.4 questions, understand 4 forces in nature, review for chapter test

Honors - check 12.3,12.4 questions, understand reflection, refraction, diffraction, doppler effect, review for chapter test

81 5/29

CP - chapter 12 test

Honors - chapter 19 test

82 5/30

CP - element video, groups and explosions, correct chapter 12 test

Honors -  element video ( elements of life), pass back test and correct


               9th grade Physical Science

* Students absent may answer assessment questions at the end of the section in the textbook to take the place of the reading assignment given that day in class for that particular chapter and section.
  1 1/23       CP& Honors-completed seating chart,passed out syllabus,reviewed with students, received student information,passed out books, section 1.1 reading assignment 20 CP questions
  2  1/24     c
  3  1/25       CP& Honors - check 1.2 questions, understand scientific method , controls, manipulated and responding variables,(State Objectives (-7 SW)

4    1/28  CP&Honors- scientific notation problems, differentiate mass vs weight, understand metric system, 1.4 reading ass.                                                  5    1/29 CP&Honors - check metric prefixes hw and section 1.4 questions, understand ways to organize scientific data (tables, graphs, etc), direct vs inverse proportion, accuracy vs precision ch. test rev.                                                                                                                                                                                         6    1/30 CP & Honors - review chapter 1 test, assign reading assignment section 2.1, scientific notation problems                                                                           7    1/31  CP & Honors - address student questions, chapter 1 test, assign 2.1 reading questions and scientific notation problems





  4          CP& Honors-discuss scientific method, demonstrate scientific notation, assign 14 problems
   Honors has 15 problems
  5         CP   reviewed scientific method, review multiplication and division using scientific notation,demonstrate scientific notation with multiple units involved, assign 5 problems for hw
  6        .CP & Honors-review scientific method, check hw, go over scientific notation with multiple units problems, discus metric vs english system,discus weight vs mass
  7        CP& Honors- quiz problem scientific notation with units collect and grade, review mass vs weight, compare english and metric systems,discus advantages of metric over english, discus metric prefixes, assign 17 metric conversions (hw in CP)
Honors check problems in class and go over with students (in class assignment)
  8         CP- check hw,go over problems with class, discus metric vs english, demonstrate dimensional analysis in metric system only, assign 12 metric conversions for hw
                 Honors-review mass and weight, discus metric prefixes,demonstrate dimensional analysis, assign 8 problems, go   over in class, assign 11 problems for hw
  9        CP- check hw, go over metric conversion problems, introduce metric-english conversions, assign 11 problems
           Honors-review mass vs weight,advantages of metric over english,check hw, go over dimensional analysis problems
 10    CP - check metric-english conversions and go over with class, discus history of the calendar, class determine length of  a lightyear for bonus
         Honors - read pages 19-20, discus precision vs accuracy, demonstrate temperature conversions between fahrenheit, celsius, and Kelvin, assign temperature, area and volume problems...
 11     CP-  review dimensional analysis, go over area, volume problems, temperature conversions, assign problems
          Honors - check area, volume problems and go over, assign 1.4 reading assignment
12      CP - check area, volume problems and go over, assign 1.4 reading assignment
          Honors -  check 1.4 assignment,  go over tables, graphs, introduce measuring lab
13     CP - check 1.4 assignment, go over tables , graphs, introduce measuring lab
         Honors - discus steps 1-6 in lab, students work in lab
14    CP - discus steps 1-6 , students begin lab
         Honors - Measuring Lab /  review for chapter 1 test
15    Substitute : CP & Honors..complete chapter 1 review questions 1-31 and 1-6
16     CP - Measuring Lab, review for chapter 1 test, collect chapter 1 review questions
          Honors - collect chapter 1 review questions, Chapter 1 test, measuring lab
17    CP - Meaurement Lab, review for chapter 1 test
        Honors - chapter 1 test, measurement lab, section 2.1 questions for hw
18    CP - Chapter 1 test, measurement lab
        Honors - go over chapter 1 test, students correct, assign 2.2 questions
19    CP - chapter 1 test, assign 2.1 questions, measurement lab
        Honors - discus section 2.1 (substance, elements, compounds) assign sec 2.2 questions
20    CP - go over chapter 1 test, students correct, measurement lab
        Honors - check hw, review section 2.1, measurement lab, chapter 1 test corrections
21    CP - chapter 1 re- test, measurement lab, 2.1 questions
        Honors -  check hw, discus physical properties of matter, classification of matter lab
22    CP - check 2.1 questions, discus substance, elements, compounds, mixtures, assign 2.2 questions
         Honors -  discus physical properties, classification of matter lab, assign 2.3 questions
23    CP -give back re-test, check 2.1 questions, discus physical properties of matter, classification of matter lab, 
        Honors - check 2.3 questions, discus chemical properties (demos), complete substance vs mixture and homogenous vs heterogeneous worksheet (group work)
24    CP - review elements, cpds, physical properties, finish classification of matter lab, assign 2.3 questions
        Honors - review elements, cpds, mixtures, physical properties, complete and go over physical vs chemical properties and separation of mixtures worksheet (group work)
25    CP - check section 2.3 reading questions, discus chemical properties ( demos), group work complete substance vs mixture and hetergeneous vs homogenous worksheet and go over and collect. No hw,measurement lab reports due following Friday...
        Honors - Complete physical vs chemical worksheet (group work), discus and grade, read "Issues in Science" article page 59 and answer 3 questions underneath, discus and  collect, assign reading questions section 3.1, lab report due Monday
26    CP - review substances, mixtures, physical properties, chemical properties, chemical vs physical worksheet and separation of mixture, collect and go over,
       Honors - check 3.1 hw, discus states of matter, conductivity lab, collect measurement lab reports, assign 1st 6 elements symbols, spelling, and descriptions
27   CP - read " Issues in science" article and answer 3 questions, collect, and discus opinions written on enviormental issue of arsenic in treated wood.... assign reading questions section 3.1
       Honors - quiz on elements 1-6 symbols and spelling, discus elements 7-12, reading assignment 3.3 questions
28   CP - check 3.1 questions, discus states of matter, conductivity lab, assign 1st 6 elements (description, symbol, spelling of each).
       Honors - quiz elements 7-12, discus elements 13-18, discus results of conductivity labs pass back, discus phase changes section 3.3 (heat of fusion, heat of vaporization),
29   CP - quiz on elements 1-6 symbols and spelling, discus elements 7-12, discus states of matter, discus results of conductivity lab, collect measurement lab reports
       Honors - discus section 3.3 phase changes ( heat of vaporization, heat of fusion), ice bath demonstration students record time vs temp., quiz on elements 13-18
30   CP - element quiz 7-12, discus results of conductivity lab, reading assignment section 3.3
       Honors - assign elements 19-24, students graph time vs temp for ice bath demonstration, review for chapter 2,3 test
31   CP - check 3.3 questions, discus phase changes ( heat of fusion, heat of vaporization), ice bath demonstration students record time vs temp.
       Honors - chapter 2,3 test, elements quiz 19-24
32   CP -  students graph ice bath demonstration, assign elements 13-18, review for chapter 2,3 test
       Honors - pass back chapter 2,3 test and go over, students correct, assign reading assignment questions 1-15 section 4.1
33   CP - answer any questions before test, chapter 2,3 test
       Honors - discus Aristotle's ideas of 5 basic elements and returning to natural state, Zeno's riddle, Galileo, Boyle assign elements 
34   CP - pass back chapter 2,3 test and go over, students correct, assign 4.1 questions 1-15
       Honors -  review Greeks, Galileo,  Boyle,discus Dalton, Thomson and Rutherford experiments and models of the atom, assign reading questions 16-24 for section 4.1
35   CP - chapter 2,3 re-test, quiz on elements 13-18, assign elements 19-24
       Honors -check questions 16-24 section 4.1, review Thomson and Rutherford, discus Chadwick's experiment of discovering the neutron and revised model of the atom, Bell jar demonstration showing effects of air pressure.assign elements 25-30
36   CP - check 4.1 questions, discus Greeks ( Aristotle, Zeno's riddle, Boyle),  
       Honors - review Chadwick's experiment and model of the atom, discus protons, electrons, neutrons
37   CP - pass back lab reports and ice bath graphs and go over, review Greeks, Galilieo, discus Boyle, Dalton, and Thomson experiment and model of the atom, quiz elements 19 -24, assign 25-30
      Honors - element quiz 25-30, assign 31-36, check 4.3 questions, discus Neil Bohr and electron configuration, assign electron configuration elements with atomic numbers 1-18
38  CP - review Boyle, Dalton, and Thomson, discus Rutherford and Chadwick experiments and model of the atom,bell jar demonstration, assign 4.2 questions
      Honors - Chapter 4 test
39  CP - check 4.3 questions,understand Bohr's theory of quantum theory, assign electron configuration elements 1-18, element quiz
      Honors - Finish chapter 4 test, assign atomic # / atomic mass worksheet work in groups
40  CP - check electron configuration and go over with class, assign elements37 -42, assign atomic # worksheet
      Honors - go over atomic mass/ atomic # worksheet, element quiz, assign elements 50-56, assign 5.1 reading questions
41  CP -  finish atomic # worksheet, go over and collect, review for chapter 4 test, element quiz
      Honors - pass back chapter 4 test and go over, students correct test
42  CP - q & a for test, chapter 4 test
      Honors- start checking 5.1 questions, outside assembly
43  CP - finish chapter 4 test, add elements 43-48, assign reading assignment 5.1
      Honors - check 5.1 q, discus Lavoisier and Mendeleev, element quiz, 5.2q
44  CP - element quiz, add elements49-54 , pass back chapter 4 test and go over, students correct re-test tomorrow
      Honors - element quiz, check 5.2 questions, discus periodic table, metals, non-metals , element quiz
45  CP  - chapter 4 re-test, answer 5.1 questions
      Honors - midterm exam, read and answer 5.3 questions
46  CP - check 5.1 questions, understand Lovoisier and Mendeleev, midterm test
      Honors - go over midterm, element symbols and spelling test, understand group tendencies on periodic table
47  CP - check 5.2 questions, understand periodic table organized according to atomic #, location of metals and non-metals, go over midterm, reading assignment section 5.3
      Honors - pass back element test and correct, element description test, review for chapter 5 test
48  CP - check 5.3 questions, understand characteristics and  importance of groups on the periodic table, element test, review for element description test
      Honors -  chapter 5 test, assign 6.1 questions
49  CP - element description test, correct element symbol and spelling test, review for chapter 5 test
      Honors - pass back chapter 5 test and go over and correct, check 6.1 questions, be able to draw electron dot diagrams, draw valence diagrams and determine charges for each ion, predict ionic compounds, assign 18 problems
50  CP - chapter 5 test, pass back element description test and correct, assign 6.1 reading questions
      Honors - check 6.1 questions, draw valence diagrams, predict ionic cpds, name ionic cpds, name ions and give charges,  group1 demonstration of lithium, sodium, and potassium,assign 6.2 questions
51  CP - pass back chapter 5 test and go over, students correct,demonstrate electron dot diagrams, understand what stability in an atom is, 6.1 questions assign, chapter 5 re-test tomorrow
     Honors - check 6.2 questions, understand ionization energy, draw structural formulas for covalent cpds, hw structural formulas
52  CP - chapter 5 re-test, alkali metal demonstration, 6.1 questions hw
      Honors -  check hw, understand structural formulas, assign 6.4 reading questions
53  CP - pass back ch.5 re-test, check 6.1 questions, element re-test, demonstrate how to draw valence diagrams, predict formulas, determine charge of ion, name ionic compounds-group 1 and 7, and groups 2 and 7 demonstrate
      Honors - check 6.4 questions, discus metallic bonds,alloys, assign structural formulas (sugars, ethyl alcohol, octane, caffeine etc
54  CP -  pass back element re-test, give element description test, demonstrate valence diagrams for group 2 and 7, group 2 and 6, assign valence diagrams for all the combinations of ionic cpds for hw
     Honors - review ionic and covalent compounds, metallic bonds, alloys, video atoms
55  CP - check hw, understand and draw valence diagrams, predict ionic compounds, name ionic cpds, name ions formed, assign 6.2 questions
      Honors - chapter 6 review, video " atoms", structural formula lab
56  CP - check 6.2 hw,understand covalent compounds, draw structural formulas, assign covalent cpds to draw structural formulas
      Honors - review for chapter 6 test, chapter 6 test, atoms video part 3
57  CP - check structural formulas, review ionic and covalent compounds, "atoms" video part 1 , 6.4 questions for hw
      Honors - pass back chapter 6 test and go over, students correct, assign 7.1 reading questions
58  CP - check 6.4 questions, discus metallic bonds, alloys, draw structural formulas for sugars, caffeine, etc...., atoms video part 2
      Honors - check 7.1 questions, discus Lavoisier ( conservation of mass), reactants, products, demonstrate how to balance equations, assign 9 problems....
59  CP  - review for chapter 6 test, structural formula lab,
      Honors - check balanced equations homework, understand what a mole is, calculate molecular weights of various molecules
60  CP - answer any review questions, chapter 6 test
       Honors - check molecular masses, convert moles to molecular mass, volume, and #'s of atoms or molecules, molar mass problems
61  CP - go over chapter 6 test, pass back ch.6 test to students to correct, 7.1 questions assigned
      Honors -  check stoichiometry problems, stoichiometry quiz, 
62  CP - answer any questions, chapter 6 re-test, allow notes for last 10 minutes, 7.1reading questions assigned
      Honors - go over stoichiometry quiz, students correct for 1/2 credit, 10.1 reading assignment
63  CP - check 7.1 questions, understand Lavoisier conservation of mass leading to balancing equations, demonstrate how to balance equations, assign 9 problems for homework
      Honors -  check 10.1 assignment, understand radioactivity and 3 emissions given off by radioisotopes (alpha, beta, gamma)
 assign 10.2 reading assignment
64  CP - check balancing equations, demonstrate how to balance 9 problems, understand what a mole is and demonstrate mole conversions to mass, # of molecules, volume of gas....assign 19 problems for hw
      Honors - review radioactivity, understanding of half-life, explain how decayed life forms are dated by radiocarbon dating using C-14, example (shroud of Turin), assign 10.3 questions
65   CP - check hw -  mole conversions, go over mole conversions with class, understand basic stoichiometry using example, quiz, assign 10.1 questions
       Honors - review 3 emissions of radioactivity, half-life, radiocarbon dating, assign 4 half-life problems and grade and go over, assign half-life problems 2, no hw
66   CP - check 10.1 questions, understanding of radioactivity and the 3 forms of ( alpha, beta, and gamma), understanding how alpha and beta turn elements into other elements, Neutron Stars are opposite of beta decay, assign 10.2 reading questions
        Honors - check 10.3 questions, understanding of transmutation, go over half-life 2 problems and collect, assign questions 1-15 on section 10.4
67   CP - check 10.2 questions, understanding of half - life of radioisotopes, understand how carbon - 14 dating is used to date any dead organism, assign 10.3 questions
        Honors - check questions 1-15 section 10.4, understanding of strong and weak nuclear force, history of fission leading to the atomic age (nuclear bombs, etc), how Einstein's equation E = mc squared lead to the atomic bomb and the Big Bang theory, part 1 on Nova's Discovering the Elements, assign questions 16-31 section 10.4
68  CP - check 10.3 questions, understand transmutation, assign half-life problems 1 and check and go over in class, assign 10.4 questions 1-15
       Honors - check 10.4 questions 16-31, understanding evidence supporting the Big Bang, chain reactions, fusion, advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power and fusion., element video part 1
69  CP -review radioactivity,correct stoichiometry quiz,watch "in search of the elements" Part 1,2, assign 10.4 questions 1-15
      Honors -  Review  for chapter 10 test, element video part 2,3 (bronze)
70  CP - check questions 1-15 section 10.4, understanding  of strong and weak nuclear force, electric force, history of fission leading to the atomic age (nuclear bombs, nuclear power plants etc), how E = mc squared lead to atomic bomb and Big Bang theory, part 3 of element Nova video, assign questions 16-31 section 10.4
     Honors - study time for test, answer any student questions, Chapter 10 test
71  CP - check 10.4 questions 16-31 , review radioactivity,understanding of evidence for Big bang theory, chain reaction, advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power, fusion, why is it the energy of the future, chapter 10 review
     Honors - finish chapter 10 test., element video parts 4,5, section 11.1 questions
72  CP - Review for chapter 10 test, element video (properties of groups), begin ch. 10 test
    Honors - pass back chapter 10 test, go over and correct, element video (group characteristics),  11.1 and 11.2 questions
73  CP - go over class questions, students take chapter 10 test
    Honors - Half-life radioactivity lab
74 CP - pass back chapter 10 test and correct, chapter 10 re-test tomorrow, element video (elements of life)
     Honors - check 11.1,11.2 questions, understand reference point, speed, velocity, element video (Elemental Earth),  assign reading questions 11.3
75  CP - chapter 10 re-test, 11.1 and 11.2 reading assignment
     Honors - check 11.3 questions, review speed and velocity, vectors, reference point, understand acceleration, demonstrate solving for acceleration
76  CP - check 11.1,2 questions, understand reference point, speed, velocity, element video, assign 11.3 questions
      Honors  - check  acceleration problems, demonstrate problems, review for chapter 11 test
77 CP - check 11.3 questions, understand acceleration, assign 12 problems 
     Honors -  chapter 11 test, 12.1 questions assigned
78  CP - check free-fall problems, review for ch.11 test, element video
      Honors - pass back ch.11 test and go over and correct, assign 12.1 questions
79 CP -ch.11 test, check 12.1 questions, understand forces, assign 12.2 questions
     Honors - check 11.2 questions, discus Newton's 1st and 2nd law of motion, assign 12.3 questions
80 CP - check 11.2 questions, understand Newton's 1st and 2nd laws of motion, assign 12.3 questions
     Honors - check 12.3 questions, understand Newton's 3rd law of motion and momentum, assign 12.4 questions
81 CP - check 12.3 questions, understand Newton's 3rd law and momentum, assign 12.4 questions
     Honors - check 12.4 questions, understand 4 fundamental forces in nature, centripetal force, group activity ch.12 questions
82  CP - check 12.4 questions, understand 4 fundamental forces and centripetal force, tides, chapter 12 questions group activity
     Honors - finish group questions for ch.12, go over and correct with class
83  CP - finish group chapter 12 questions, go over and correct with students, collect books, review for final
     Honors -  element video, collect books, review for final






           CP- check hw/ go over problems/ assign 14 questions for sec 1.4
                Honors- review for test/ measurement lab
           CP - check hw/ go over tables and graphs/ start measurement lab
                 Honors- Chapter 1 test CP- Measurement Lab
                 Honors- read and answer questions Section 2.1/ finish Ch.1 test/ finish measurement lab
            CP-review for chapter 1 test/measurement lab
                  Honors- pass back ch.1 test and go over/student corrections
             CP- chapter 1 test
                  Honors- check hw/ discus sec 2.1-substances, elements, compounds, mixtures etc
Week 5  
             CP - measurement lab/ pass out test start correcting
               Honors- review sec.2.1/discus elements and cpds/ go over lab results of identifying matter/ assign sec 2.2 questions
             CP - correct tests/ measurement lab
                Honors- check hw/ discus  physical properties of matter / demonstrate heterogeneous mixture/ filtering/assign 2.3 q
             CP pass out re-test and collect/ reading assignment- Discover
                 Honors- check hw/ discus chemical properties/ demonstrate chemical rxn/ complete worksheet and discus
             CP - finish re-test/ measurement lab/ sec 2.1 questions for homework
                 Honors - review chemical properties/ work 2 worksheets collect and discu
             CP - check hw 2.1q/discus sec 2.1- substance, elements, atoms, compounds/ start classification of matter lab
              Honors- review chemical and physical changes/ issues in science activity - arsenic treated wood/ sec 3.1 assignment
Week 6
              CP- check 3.1 questions/ discus states of matter/ phase change demonstration with ice bath/ 3.3 reading assignment
              CP - go over matter classification lab/ review sec 2.1/assign reading assignment 2.2
                Honors - students graph phase change demonstration/ check hw/ go over sec 2.3/ give 1st 12 elements
             CP - check 2.2 q/ go over physical characteristics/ demonstrate density problems/ assign 2.3 questions
                 Honors - quiz on 12 elements/ conductivity lab/ assign 10 more elements to learn
                CP - check hw/go over section 2.3/assign worksheet and go over/ measurement lab
                  Honors - element quiz, chapter 2 test review, assign 10 more elements
               CP - (sub) - chapter 1 assessment review questions pages 29-31
                 Honors -  same as above
Week 7
                CP - review chemical changes, worksheet physical vs chemical, go over worksheet, finish ch.1 review questions
                 Honors - pass back measurement lab reports and go over, chapter 2,3 test
                CP - worksheet physical vs chemical. arsenic article p.59, discus
                 Honors -  element quiz,pass back ch.2,3 test, go over, discus elements
               CP - check arsenic articles, read student responses,discus,conductivity lab, collect papers
                 Honors - quiz on elements, introduce new elements 41-46,assign sec 4.1 question
              CP - check 3.1 questions, go over states of matter, ice bath demonstration, reading assignment sec. 3.3
                 Honors - quiz on elements, check hw, discus Greeks, Boyle, and Dalton
             CP - draw graphs of ice baths/ check hw/discus phase changes/ introduce 1st 10 elements
             Honors - review Greeks, Boyle, Dalton,/ element quiz/ discus Thomson, Rutherford, Chadwick/ elements 47-51
Week 8
              CP - pass back lab reports - go over/ element quiz/ corrections/ elements 11-17
               Honors -  element quiz/review Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford,Chadwick/ reading assignment section 4.2
              CP - quiz/ go over elements 18-25/ review for chapter 2,3 test
               Honors - check 4.2 hw/ discus atomic #, mass #, isotopes/ element quiz
              CP - quiz elements 17-25/ chapter 2,3 test/ assign elements 26-30
                  Honors - dictate element test - symbols and spelling/ review atomic #, isotopes, assign atomic # worksheet
               CP - element quiz/ correct/ pass back ch.2 test and go over/correct/ re-test Monday
                  Honors - Element description test/ go over atomic # worksheet/reading assignment section 4.3
Week 9
                  Cp - chapter 2 re-test/ introduce elements 31-37
                  Honors - pass back element test and description test go over/ students correct/review history of the atom/show  electron configuration
                   CP -quiz elements 31-37/reading assignment questions 1-12 section 4.1
                    Honors - review Bohr, demonstrate electron configuration. review for Ch. 4 test
                      CP - check hw/discus Greeks,Zeno's riddle,Aristotle, discus John Dalton/ quiz on elements
                   Honors - Chapter 4 test
                  CP -check hw/ review Greeks, Dalton/discus Thomson, Rutherford, Chadwick's experiments and models of the atom/ assign elements
                     Honors - pass back chapter 4 test and go over/ students correct/ assign section 5.1 reading assignment
                   CP - quiz elements / give elements 51-56/ assign questions for section 4.2
                    Honors - check 5.2 questions/ go over Lavoisier and Mendeleev/ show video on atoms/ assign 5.2 assignment
Week 10  
                   CP - check 4.2 questions/element quiz/discus atomic #, atomic mass, isotopes/assign 4.3 reading questions
                   Honors - check hw/ discus periodic table sec 5.2/assign 5.3 reading questions
                   CP -  element test 1-56, discus section 5.3 Bohr
                   Honors - check hw, go over sec 5.3 -  groups, periods etc, demonstrate balance start Mass lab
                    CP - element test corrections, element description test
                   Honors - review chapter 5, mass lab
                   CP - element re-test, midterm
                   Honors - review sec 5.3, review for chapter 5 test, midterm
                   CP - correct element description test, complete atomic # and atomic mass worksheet
                  Honors - Chapter 5 test, pass out midterm and go over
2nd Semester
Week 1
                    CP- element description re-test, go over Ch.4 test
                   Honors - pass back ch.5 test, go over, students correct, reading assignment
                   CP - study/ chapter 4 test
                  Honors - check hw/ discus ionic compounds/ predict formulas,name, valence diagrams CP - finish chapter 4 test
                  Honors - check hw/ go over ionic compounds/ assign reading questions
                  CP & Honors - substitute/ chapter 2 assessment and prep questions
                   CP - pass back ch.4 test/ students correct
                  Honors - check hw/ go over covalent compounds, structural formulas/ assign problems
                   CP -chapter 4 re-test/ section 5.1 questions
                  Honors - review ionic and covalent compounds/ go over structural formulas/ assign organic cpds for structural form
Week 2     
                   CP - pass back ch.4 re-tests/ discus Lavoisier( phlogiston theory, conservation of mass) Mendeleev 's periodic table
                     Honors- check hw organic structures/ go over structural formulas/ atomic model lab ( oxygen,nitrogen, methane, propane, butane, octane, etc....
                CP - check 5.2 hw/ go over periodic table ( period, groups, metals, non-metals, review Lavoisier)/ 5.3 assignment          
                  Honors -  group study/ chapter 6 test
               - check 5.3 questions/ go over Groups, valence electrons, show Part 2 of "Atoms"/introduce balance weigh to .001 place/ test Tues Chapter 5....Honors - pass back ch.6 test and go over with class/ assign section 7.1 reading questions
Week 3
                     CP - review for Ch.5 test/ start mass lab
                  Honors -  check 7.1 questions/ go over equations/ balancing equations/ assign 9 problems/ go over in class
                  CP - chapter 5 test
                     Honors - review balancing equations/ discus moles to mass, liters/ assig
                   CP - pass back ch.5 test/ students correct/ section 6.1 questions
                    Honors - check hw/ go over/ assign stoichiometry 1 problems /
                     CP - chapter 5 re-test/ section 6.1 questions hw
                     Honors  - review stoichiometry problems/ assign stoich.2 problems/ go over/ take quiz
                   CP - check 6.1 hw/ go over ionic cpds, valence diagrams, ionic formulas, ionic naming/ assign 10 problems hw
                     Honors  -  finish quiz/ students correct quiz/ assign 10.1 questio
                     CP -check hw/ go over ionic cpds on board/ finish mass lab
                    Honors - stoichiometry quiz 2/ go over with class/ check hw/ discus 10.1 radioactive decay
Week 4
                   CP - finish mass lab/ review ionic cpds/ assign 6.2 reading assignment
                    Honors -pass back stoich 2 quiz/ review radioactivity/ assign 10.2 reading questions
                   CP- check 6.2 hw/ review ionic cpds/discus covalent cpds, assign structural formulas
                  Honors - review vorms of radiation,discus carbon dating, half-life, assign 10.3 questions
                   CP - check hw, go over structural formulas, assign sec 6.3 and 6.4 8 questions page 181, structural formulas
                    Honors - check hw,discus transmutation, transuranium elements, particle accelerators, assign 10.4 proble
                  CP - check 6.4 questions, structural formulas, go over metallic bonds, transition metals, alloys, test review
                    Honors - check 10.4 questions, go over fission, fusion, einstein equation e=mcsquared
                  CP - group study time, chapter 6 test
                     Honors - review fission, fusion, chapter 10 test review
Week 5
                   CP - finish chapter 6 test, assign chapter 7.1 23 question worksheet
                    Honors - Radioactivity Lab
                   CP - pass back ch.6 test, students correct, and start re-test
                   Honors - finish radioactivity lab, complete half- life worksheet
                   CP - assembly, finish ch.6 re-test, assign ch 7.1 questions, discover articles for bonus
                   Honors -check half-life problems and go over with class, chapter 10 test
                    CP - check hw, discus balancing equations, assign 8 equations to balance
                    Honors - finish ch.10 test, assign 11.1 and 11.2 reading assignment - 22 questions
                   CP - check hw, go over balancing equations hw, discus molecular mass for mole, assign 7 problems
                    Honors - check hw, discus physics of motion, speed, velocity, reference point, assign 30 11.3 reading questions
Week 6
                     CP - check hw,discus stoichiometry problems, assign 10.1 reading assignment
                    Honors - check hw, discus acceleration and free-fall, assign free-fall problems
                     CP - check 10.1 questions, go over 3 types of radiation(alpha, beta, gamma), radioisotope, assign 10.2 questions
                     Honors - check free-fall problems, go over problems, pass back ch.10 test, students correct
                      CP - check hw, review 3 forms of radiation, discus half-life, radiocarbon -14 dating, assign 10.3 questions
                     Honors - chapter 11 test, assign 12.1 reading questions
                     CP - check hw, review radiation and half-life,discus transmutation, assign 10.4 questions 1-16
                    Honors - chapter 11 test, 12.1 questions
Week 7
                   CP-check hw, review radioactivity, discus strong nuclear force, electric force, nuclear fission, assign 10.4 questions 17-31
                    Honors - pass back ch.11 test, go over and correct
                 CP - check hw, review fission, Einstein, discus nuclear power, fusion, Big Bang theory,assign half-life problems
                   CP - review for chapter 10 test tomorrow, discus half-life lab
                    Honors - review sections 12.1,12.2, go over Newton's 2nd law problems,  reading assignment 12.3 15 questions
                  CP- start ch.10 test, half-life lab
                   Honors- discus Newton's 3rd law, Gemini foul-up ignoring 3rd law
Week 8
                   CP - finish chapter 10 test, complete reading assignment 11.1 and 11.2 20 questions
                   Honors -review Newton's laws, reading assignment 12.4 28 questions
                 CP - discus motion, speed, velocity 11.1 and 11.2, reading assignment 11.3 31 questions
                  Honors - discus 4 forces in the universe 12.4, review for chapter 12 test Monday
                CP -discus acceleration, ch. 10 test corrections
                  Honors - chapter 12 test
                 CP - finish chapter 10 test corrections, ch. 10 re-test
                  Honors - finish ch. 12 test, section 17.1 reading questions
Week 9
                  CP -  finish ch.10 test, take ch.11 test with notes, 12.1 questions
                  Honors - correct ch. 12 test, video on the manhatten project
                 CP - discus 12.1 forces, friction, gravity, assign 12.2 and 2.3 questions
                    Honors - discus types of waves,17.2 reading questions, video part 2
                  CP - discus Newton's 3 laws of motion, momentum, assign 12.4
                     Honors - discus properties of waves, assign 17.3 and 17.4 questions
Week 10 




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