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Rhonda Baird
Spanish 1,2,3

¡Bienvenidos amigos!
Welcome to my online classroom! Please click on Spanish 1,2 or 3 to see daily lesson plans, classroom guidelines and expectations and the syllabus for each course.

Supplies needed for Spanish 1,2 and 3 are:

1. A one subject spiral notebook with 3 holes to be used as a journal.  It will be kept in your binder.
Note: I will be collecting the notebooks periodically to grade, so please do
not buy a larger notebook or combine with other subjects.

2. A 1" or larger 3 ring binder to organize all your packets and handouts. You are required to keep every paper you receive for the semester.

3. A box of tissues for classroom use would be greatly appreciated. We use them to erase dry erase boards and for the usual reasons.  :)

4. A dry erase marker. I have a limited supply for individual use in the classroom, but they dry out quickly.

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