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Contact Info:
Mr. Mainello
Math and Science Teacher
Assistant Varisty Football Coach/Offensive Line

Phone:  (440) 428-2161

I am excited to be starting my 8th year here at Madison High School.  This is my 16th year of teaching overall.  Please feel free to email me at anytime, especially if you are absent from class.  Below is a summary of my schedule and my basic classroom policies.

Daily Schedule:
7:30 - 8:00  Extra Help Room 218
8:10 - 9:40  AP Statistics
9:45 - 11:15  Integrated Math 3
11:55 - 1:25  AP Statistics
1:25 - 2: 45  Extra Help Room 218 or Football Office

Required Supplies:  pencils, calculator, 3 ring binder, folder, covered textbook

Expectations:  Be on time, having all necessary supplies.  Treat all with respect.  Work conscientiously on all activities for the day.  Have some fun along the way.

Homework:  A weekly syllabus will be posted that will have all assignments that are due that week.  You will be given some time in class to complete them, but most will need to be done on your own time.  All will be collected on Fridays, unless otherwise stated.  Work must be turned in on Friday.  Within the folder, some assignments will be graded for completness while others will be graded based on the numer correct.

Tests:  Some type of assessment will be given each Friday.  They need not necessarily cover an entire chapter.  If you miss a test or a quiz, it must be made up within three days of when it was given.  Before school is the best time.

Other grades:  Besides tests and the folders, there will be other grades.  These may include projects, group work, peer review work etc.  These will have their own due date and will all be scored with a pre-determined rubric or will be scored or correctness.

Extra Credit:  I do not give extra credit!

Extra Help:  Anytime, just ask.

Most importantly:  come in each day ready to actively learn math and have fun along the way!

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