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Bob Peterlin

Children   Rebecca,  Luke
Graduate...Eastlake North 1984
                    BSEd Ohio University 1988     
                    Master Degree..Cleveland State 1995
Home    Concord

27th yr as Math teacher.



Bob Peterlin
Algebra 2A / Algebra 2CP / Geometry CP / Math 3
    You can check student grades and check for missing assignments at the infinite campus website:
   Every student was given a complete assignment list for the entire semester. They can now educate themselves through the following websites and complete the assignment and not get too far behind.
Algebra 2A / Algebra 2CP / Geometry CP / Math 3
 With their new textbooks, your son/daughter has been given a password to log on to With this they can watch homework video tutors for each section, receive extra help, complete practice tests and quizzes, and see many other supplementary materials.
Passwords -   Algebra 2A / 2CP----agk-0099
                     Geometry CP       ----auk-0099
                 Math 3               CC25E80B54 at  http://glencoe.mcgraw-
    Students also have the resources to pull up their math books online. They can log on to  and find an interactive copy of their book and practice worksheets. They have selected a password already. This means they no longer have to bring their text book home!
·        For each student to achieve the best possible grade in which they are capable while preparing them for their future. 
 All classes         1st 9 wks           40% of grade
Midterm           10% of grade                                                 
2nd 9 wks          40% of grade
Final                 10% of grade
·        Be on time with all supplies.
·        Bring own calculator everyday.
·        Show respect to me and all others.
·        2 passes per quarter.
·        Show all work and finish assignment for credit.
·        Copy any notes from absences and try assignment.
·        Do your best to get the assignment 100 % correct.
Point breakdown
·        Tests ~100pts
·        Quizzes 20-30 pts
·          80% - 90% of all assignments will be collected  (each 5-10 pts)
·        Notebook / Starters  20 pts

Rules and Procedures



  • Passes- Every student will receive 3 restroom passes each 9 weeks.  Worth 2 bonus points each when turned in.  Use them wisely.


  • Homework Policy…all assignments must be completed and work displayed with name on the paper in order to receive full credit.  If assignment is not completed with work; keep it, and finish it, and turn it in the next day for half credit.  You can do this 3 times per 9 weeks.  If a student fraudulently turns in an unfinished assignment they will receive “no” credit.



  • Absences- All assignments are posted on the syllabus!  It is imperative, that when absent, notes are copied the day you return and any assignments are completed the next day.  If you know about an absence ahead of time, it is your responsibility to get the assignment so you won’t be 90 minutes behind.


  • Unexcused- Tests and assignments are due upon return.  Grade will be reduced one letter grade.  Including suspensions.



  • Truancy- As the school policy reads, “No credit will be given for assignments and tests during the time of truancies”.


  • Sleeping- Besides a detention, no credit will be given for assignments during that time.  Extra tutoring will not be provided.


  • Calculator- All students need their own calculator.  Advanced Algebra and Geometry CP, TI-83 required, (as it reads in the course description).


·        Any student may make up a test in which they performed poorly. However, the highest grade possible on a make-up is 60%.
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