Football players clean up stadium grounds

MHS Football

On Monday, September 20, a group of our Madison Football players cleaned up the stadium grounds. This group was led by player Mitchel Polovic’s parents, and included team members Mitch, Danny Alley, Carson Alley, Michael O’Brien, Jordan Watt, and Ryan Crim. 


Students picked up trash in and around the stadium and then emptied the overfilled garbage cans. The entirety of our community spends a decent portion of time in the stadium, whether it be for games, practices, or events. We here at Madison Schools appreciate the thoughtfulness of our students and parents in helping take care of our campus. 


Earlier this year, this team also spread 500 yards of mulch around school grounds before Opening Day. It’s clear how much our campus means to our students, families, and community members, and we truly have a great group of individuals who are willing to take the initiative in ensuring our campus stays clean and open for our community. 


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