Local Optometrist providing no-cost eye care and eyewear to MLS students

Eye Doctors of Madison

Eye Doctors of Madison, an Optometric Family Practice, is providing no-cost eye care and eyewear to Madison Local School students for those who demonstrate need. This is a local practice run by Dr. Michael Baker, O.D., a 2001 Madison High School Graduate. 


“How we see and process information is much more than that ‘20/20’ vision,” describes Dr. Baker. “Focusing ability, eye alignment, movement and tracking, visual processing, and integration are also key components to our visual system that are not evaluated during school or pediatrician vision screenings.”


We highly encourage our Madison students to take advantage of this offer. Students learn in a variety of different ways, but one of the most common is by sight. Participating in regular comprehensive eye care ensures our students are taking care of their eyes and detecting any other eye problems earlier than they might without regular care. Dr. Baker explains that one out of every four students struggle with an undiagnosed vision disorder. 


“As a fellow Madison Schools parent as well as Madison High School alumnus, the ability to give back to my community is a blessing,” adds Dr. Baker. “It is my belief that no child should go without proper eye care, regardless of socioeconomic or insurance status. My intent is to educate parents on the importance of routine care and these outreach programs that my office does offer.”


To learn more about these no-cost eye care and eyewear programs visit Eye Doctors of Madison. To learn more about their community outreach initiatives, visit their nonprofit partner, Essilor Vision Foundation.


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