Assistant Superintendent enhances MLS experience


Madison Local Schools is a well-oiled machine made up of multiple parts, from the very students and families that form our community and fill our schools to the staff and administration that ensure MLS is operating smoothly each day. We are all acquainted with our Superintendent, Angela Smith, who is the chief executive officer for the Madison Local Board of Education. Ms. Smith’s Assistant Superintendent, David Bull, is responsible for assisting the Superintendent in all areas of school district affairs in accordance with federal and state laws, the standards and regulations of the Ohio Department of Education, and the adopted policies and rules and regulations of the Madison Local Board of Education. 


“The Superintendent position is a large role that can’t be filled by one person,” says Ms. Smith. “Mr. Bull is instrumental in ensuring MLS operates without obstacles on a daily basis.”


The Assistant Superintendent roles include overseeing: 

  • Federal Programs
  • Curriculum
  • Homeless/Foster Care District Liaison
  • Transportation
  • Human Resources
  • Enrollment
  • State Testing
  • English Language Learners
  • New Teacher Orientation and Resident Educator Program


“This is my 30th year in education,” states Mr. Bull. “I have been with Madison for seven great years now. I truly love this district and our community, and it’s an honor to work with such a talented and committed staff.” 


Deb Richardson, Administrative Assistant, works with Mr. Bull in all of the areas listed, as well as any other projects or MLS needs that may arise. “Ms. Richardson helps keep me sane and organized,” laughs Mr. Bull. “We have so much going on in this office, and it takes the two of us to ensure we stay on track.”


The Madison School District so appreciates all the work Mr. Bull and Ms. Richardson do for us – if you see either of them, thank them for their help in the work they do for our student programs as well as keeping district operations running smoothly!


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