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I teach seventh-grade social studies.

Wednesday December 5th - Continue Chapter 14 section 4 discussion.  Graphic Organizer assignment due Thursday!

Thursday December 6th -  chapter 14 section 4 activities with discussion on the Sui, Tang, and Song Dynasties from China.

Friday December 7th - Same as Thursday.  Quiz Next Tuesday on this informationChina Final next Friday!

Monday December 10th - Chapter 14 section 4 notes review.  Study guide for Chapter 14 section 4 quiz will be handed out. Due tomorrow.

Tuesday December 11th - Chapter 14 section 4 quiz.  China Test Study Guide will be passed out.  Due Thursday.  Test on Friday.

Wednesday  December 12th - Junior Achivement workshop in the morning.  6th and 7th period will have time to work on China Test study guide.

Thursday December 13th - Review of China Test Study guide.

Friday December 14th - China Test.

Monday December 17th - Review of India and China through this point in the school year.  We will be reviewing prior quizzes and tests, while playing "Who wants to be a Millionaire" in 1st, 2nd, 6th, and 7th period classes.  3rd period will be completing an alternate assignment.

Tuesday - Same as Monday.

Wednesday - Same as Monday.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

January 3rd - Students will work on Japan notes and essays to complete for tomorrow.

January 4th - Japan notes are due by the end of the period. Students will also work on Asia geography assignment.

January 7th - Students will create group study tools for Wednesday's Japan Quiz.

January 8th - Students will continue to work on group study tools.  Study tools are due tomorrow.

January 9th - Japan Quiz.  Finish Asia Geography assignment.  If finished, then work on Europe map assignment.

January 10th - Students will find location of European countries on a map.  Will use activboard and Interactive Map of Europe as a tool.

January 11th - Chapter 8 section 1 notes.  Students will begin studying ancient Greece next.




January 25th - Chapter 8 Sections 1 and 2 quiz.


January 28th - Chapter 8 section 3 notes. Notes are due tomorrow.

January 29th - Chapter 8 section 3 notes discussion. Notes due today!

January 30th- Chapter 8 section 3 notes notes discussion. Gods project introduction. Due February 8th.

January 31st - Review for Chapter 8 section 3 quiz.

February 1st - Chapter 8 section 3 quiz.


February 8th - Greek God project is due.

February 11th- Create a quiz with terms 1-20 from your notes. Due end of period.

February 12th- Add notes 21-30 to your quiz. Due tomorrow.  Review game.  Final day to turn in projects.

February 13th- Chapter 9 sections 1 and 2 quiz. Read sections 3 and 4.

February 14th- Chapter 9 sections 3 and 4 ntoes for homework. Quiz next Fridayon these notes.

February 15th- Greek Alphabet introduction.


February 20th - Discussion on Chapter 9 sections 3 and 4 notes.  Graphic organizer due tomorrow.

February 21st - Continue discussion.  Quiz on Wednesday next week.


February 25th - Discussion on Sections 3 and 4 notes.  Students created study guides to help them prepare for quiz.

February 26th - Quiz review.

February 27th - Chapter 9 sections 3 and 4 quiz.

February 28th - Intro to Rome video

March 1st - Columbus Trip.  Students that stayed behind completed word searches while defining important terms.


March 4th - Chapter 10 Sections 1 and 2 notes. Due tomorrow. Learning Target for students: I can identify Rome and its geography on a map. L.T. #2: I can take quality notes finding main ideas.

March 5th - Chapter 10 sections 1 and 2 notes due. Graphic organizer due tomorrow.  Note discussion.  L.T.= I can identify differences between the Roman Republic and the Greek Democracy.

March 6th - Notes discussion. Graphic organizer due tomorrow.  L.T. = I can describe the different parts of the ancient Roman government.

March 7th - Finish dicussion. Organizer due. L.T. = I can compare and contrast the Roman Republic to democracy in the United States today. Quiz Review.

March 8th - Chapter 10 sections 1 and 2 quiz.


March 18th - Students review for Chapter 10 section 3 and Chapter 11 section 1 quiz for tuesday.

March 19th - Students will complete Chapter 10 section 3 and Chapter 11 section 1 quiz. Students will then work to complete chapter 11 sections 2 and 3 notes (quiz on Wednesday next week).

March 20th - Students will understand the underlying creation of Christianity.  L.T. I can understand the development and the spread of Christianity. Students will assigned Graphic Organizers to chunk the information given in the notes to better understand how to study.

March 21st - Continue lesson and Learning Target from yesterday.  Students will have time in class to work on graphic organizers. LT - Students will begin the understanding of the Fall of the Roman Empire.  I can analyze the reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire.

March 22nd - Students will continue discussion and Learning Target from yesterday.


March 25th - Students will review graphic organizers to make sure each answer is correct. Summary

March 26th -


April 8th - Chapter 12 sections 1 and 2 notes.  Due tomorrow.  Learning target: I can understand the growth and development of Islam.

April 9th - Note are due.  OAA test prep.  Essays are created based on the notes from sections 1 and 2.  Students will practice following a rubric, creating opening sentence, and closing sentences. Essay #1 is due tomorrow. (Geography of Islam)  L.T.- I can understand the geography of the Arabian Peninsula where Islam was created.

April 10th - Students will receive second OAA prep essay question.  Question is Elaborate on the beginnings of Islam.  Cite main details and key terms to explain its' origin.  L.T. - I can explain how Islam developed.

April 11 th - Students will have time to work in class on the first 2 essays, while receiving the next 4 essays for OAA prep.

April 12 th - Students received 4 more essays discussing the spread of Islam and the underlying meanings of Islam in the Qur'an and the 5 Pillars of Islam.  All essays due Monday.

April 15th - Finish essays.  Students will recieve Chapte 12 section 3 and 4 notes. Due tomorrow.  L.T. I can understand the creation of Islamic Empires and the spread of Islam throughour these empires.

April 16th - Notes are due.  Students will be actively involved in the discussion of the notes.


April 22nd - 26th - OAA prep. Students will attain and practice tools to benefit them in preparation for the OAA tests, while using Chapter 12 sections 3 and4.  Students will continue writing correct essays.  Students will understand the spread of Islam. Students will complete notes on Chapter 17 and understand the spread of Christianity through Europe during the early Middle Ages. LT. I can understand the spread of Christianity, while recognizing location of places on a European map


April 29th - Chapter 17 discussion of notes on the spread of Christianity. Continue discussion of European geography.

April 30th - continue discussion of Chapter 17 notes.  L.T. I can understand the creations of feudalism, and the spread of feudalism.

May 1st - students will complete graphic organizers to help them with Fridays assessment.

May 2nd - Test review.

May 3rd - Chapter 17 Test.


May 6th - Chapter 18 notes. L.T. I can understand the development of European countries and the importance of Crusades.

May 7th - Finish Chapter 18 notes.  L.T. - I can observe the development of the Magna Carta.

May 8th - 10th - Group work based on the Chapter 18 notes.  L.T. I can understand the impact of the Black Death on Europe. Many other other Learning Targets, as well.

May 27th - Students will complete Chapter 20 Discovery Learning Sheet. LT: I can understand the importnace of the Scientific Revolution.

May 28th - Students will be involved in the discussion of Chapter 20 notes. Students will begin a graphic organizer based on Chapter 20 notes.

May 29th - Students will be involved in the continued discussion of Chapter 20 notes. Graphic organizer due by the end of the period.

May 30th - Will begin review for Tuesday's final quiz of the year.



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