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Ohio Fine Arts Academic Content

Textbook:   A World of Images by Laura Chapman

     I.  Historical, Cultural and Social Contexts--Students understand and appreciate the contexts of the arts in societies past and present.   They understand visual works of art in a framework of time and culture. 
     II.  Creative Expression and Communication-Students engage in the processes of creating.  They express and communicate ideas.      
    III.   Analyzing and Responding-Students understand and use vocabulary of art criticism to describe, analyze, interpret and evaluate visual artworks.                
    IV.   Valuing the Arts/Aesthetic Reflection-Students understand why people create and value the arts.             
    V.  Connections, Relationships and Applications- Students apply arts to other academic disciplines and recognize the importance of lifelong learning in the arts.


.I am delighted to have your child in art.    

We will review art room rules and safety.  We will learn about all the resources in the art room which include textbook,art books on many subjects, 1000's of photos and a hands on museum.    We will cover basic art history, art in many cultures, artists, and what is art.

  The main projects include drawing, sculpture, and design.  

All projects will come home at the end of 3rd quarter.

Stop in with your child to see the wonderful art room and thanks for all your support.   







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