Crossroads’ Linkage connects those with resources & recommendations as needed

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Madison Local School District has partnered with Crossroads Health to bring an additional type of support to the Madison community. Not only are mental/behavioral health services being provided by referral in all four of our K-12 buildings, but now we are offering linkage support to the student families in our District. Linkage support helps connect those in need with resources and recommendations for various services and items. For ongoing support, it is likely the staff will recommend and work together to connect the caregivers with ongoing professionals or services. 

EXAMPLES of needs that might benefit from connection with this linkage support are:

  • Identifying primary care providers for a youth’s ongoing medical needs

  • Connection with resources for food insecurity difficulties (example: food banks)

  • Resources to apply for benefits through ODJFS

  • Connection with clothing resources

  • Connection with assessment for ongoing youth or adult mental/behavioral health services

  • Accessing resources through technology

  • Connections with housing support, homelessness supports

Please see the school website for additional resources. If you would like to opt out of your child interacting with any of our Crossroads programs, please find the “Opt Out” form on the website or contact Jen Grimes, Pupil Service Director, 440.428.9320.


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