Little Libraries & Buddy Reading Benches built at North Elementary School

Little Library

North Elementary has new “Little Libraries” and “Buddy Reading Benches” that have been placed in front of the school building, in the courtyard, and around the playground. These new additions to North’s building will encourage students to share the love of reading in more ways than one.


North would like to thank Jordan Bryski, who completed these libraries and benches for her Eagle Scout candidate project. Jordan is also a member of BSA Troop 52G and Venturing Crew 223. 


The staff of North Elementary would also like to thank: 

  • Madison Sherwin Williams

  • Madison Tractor Supply

  • Building Technicians, Inc. 

  • J&W Paint in Ashtabula

  • Valley Lumber in Geneva

  • Wayne Senita, Inc. 

  • Saybrook BSA Troop 52 & Troop 52G



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