Madison Ecology successes

Madison Ecology Green School

Our Ecology classes have done it again! Not only have the classes been busy planting trees, gardens, and working on projects to help benefit our community and wildlife, but Madison Ecology has been awarded with the Northeast Ohio Education Association Green School Award, and received second place in the Hobby Class Golden Delicate at the Chardon/Geauga Maple Festival. 


The Northeast Ohio Education Association Green School Award was created in 2010 by the Environmental Concerns Committee of the North Eastern Ohio Education Association. For a school to receive this award, the school has to fulfill a career with three major objectives: Curriculum & Instruction; Operation, Design, & Maintenance of School Building & Grounds; and School & Community Partnerships. Madison Ecology fulfilled the following criteria within these objectives: 


  1. Curriculum & Instruction

    1. Environmental Issues & Investigations

  2. Operation, Design, & Maintenance of School Building & Grounds

    1. Water Conservation / Water Pollution Prevention

    2. Solid Waste

    3. Habitat Restoration

    4. Building Structures for Learning about the Environment

    5. Healthy School Environment

  3. School & Community Partnerships

    1. Community Partnerships - Local


Madison High School Ecology also entered the Geauga Maple Festival Maple Syrup Contest for the second year. Madison has under 200 taps, classifying them in the Hobby Class, and entered the Golden Delicate, which requires a light colored syrup, which is scored according to the Brix content (Sugar Concentration OR Density), Clarity, Color, and Flavor profile. For the 2021 competition, Madison Ecology placed second, close to their first place victory in 2019. 


Madison Ecology currently has 20 taps in 2021, and are planning to expand 25-30. The revenue from syrup sales has been used to expand the maple sugaring capacity and support additional ecology projects throughout the district. 


In addition, Madison Ecology spent a friday in April planting nearly $3,000.00 worth of native plants provided by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife in the land lab area behind Madison Middle School. These plants will not only serve to improve the local ecology, but will also function as specimen plants for students to identify and study. They also planted apple and pear trees in the lab’s organic garden, and students are busy creating labels with QR codes for each tree. The QR codes will link to documents that will include: 


  • Health benefits for that particular fruit type

  • How each fruit fits into our culture/history of cultivation

  • Carbon footprint reduction of eating local

  • Explanation of Stormwater Interception

  • Explanation of Energy

  • CO2 (Sequestering & Avoidance)

  • Common problems & organic remedies


We are incredibly proud of Madison Ecology for being so dedicated to our district’s local ecology. We would like to extend our thanks to all students, teachers, administrators, and donors who have made these Ecology programs so successful. Congratulations, and thank you for giving our district some love! 




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