MLS partners with Madison Public Library under Libraries Accelerating Learning Grant

library grant

Madison Local Schools is thrilled to partner with the Madison Public Library in an effort to accelerate MLS students’ learning and address any gaps in learning loss experienced through COVID-19. This partnership is through the Libraries Accelerating Learning Grant funded by the Ohio Department of Education. The grant is focused on literacy, with the intention to support programming that embeds learning alongside other needs and interests to increase student engagement. 


MLS has been and will continue to identify and recommend students throughout 4th-12th grade to participate in the opportunities offered through this partnership over the next 18 months. Students have the opportunity to explore multiple different experiences, including:  


  • Creating a product using machines in the library that they can then develop into a business plan and look for “investors” to select their item for production
  • Using video editing equipment to make YouTube videos to post to the Madison Public Library’s website
  • Using programming skills to complete an escape room scenario designed by NASA, and ultimately determining: will they successfully return to Earth? 


“We are able to support them through the variety of materials and experiences we are able to provide students,” states Melanie Lyttle, Head of Public Services for Madison Public Library, as well as the organizational person behind the grant handling communications. “We are also able to provide machinery and the staff that is currently hard for the schools to accomplish.”


“Our partnership has evolved over the years, with our first major collaboration beginning with our Little Engineers reading program that partnered a child’s love of building with Legos to help foster an interest in nonfiction reading,” says Angela Smith, Superintendent. “Our middle school students have also been learning to play Chess during advisory. We are very fortunate to have this collaborative partnership.”


The grant and partnership is overseen by Ms. Lyttle and Shawn Walsh, the Emerging Services and Technologies Librarian for Madison Public Library and also the Grant Coordinator and lead instructor for the Libraries Accelerating Learning Grant. Both Ms. Lyttle and Mr. Walsh also work within Madison Local Schools through visits to instruct in science at Madison Preschool, assisting on research projects at the High School level, and working on Gus the Book Bus, which makes monthly visits to each MLS Elementary. 








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