Exploring MS extracurriculars

Student Council

Throughout the school year, our Madison Middle School students have numerous opportunities to get involved in our after-school clubs and activities. Having your student get involved in an extracurricular activity not only allows them to connect with other students they may otherwise not get the opportunity to, but allows them to explore different interests and hobbies. This is especially important for students new to the Middle School, as these students can become acclimated to our building, students, and teachers faster! 


“Joining a club or activity is an excellent way to transition into Middle School,” says Principal Whaley. “Making the transition can be daunting for students as they are exposed to new teachers, new peers, and new curriculum. We love to encourage joining an after-school activity – not only does it provide a comfort of community, but it shows that Middle School isn’t all that scary!” 


As the year wraps up and you begin thinking about the following school year, consider some of our activities and clubs for your students:


  • Arthur Holden Leadership Institute (AHLI)

  • Band

  • Boys Basketball

  • Cheerleading – Football, Basketball, + Competitive

  • Choir

  • Cross Country

  • Football

  • Girls Basketball

  • Girls Volleyball

  • Math Club

  • National Junior Honors Society

  • Science Club

  • Student Council

  • Track

  • Wrestling

  • Yearbook




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