Scholarships available for 2023 Seniors


With the start of the second semester, seniors are now in the midst of their final months of high school! As a community, we are very blessed to have many opportunities for our seniors to receive scholarships at the Senior Awards Benefit in May. 



Scholarships support our students as they continue their journeys, no matter where they go. Post-secondary schooling or training is expensive, and any sort of scholarship is helpful to take financial pressure off students. There is a lot of money available through a variety of scholarships – it just needs to be tapped into. 


A common misconception is that scholarships are for top students only – but this is not the case. These scholarships have a wide variety of criteria, and many students who think they may not qualify based on academics will find that there are opportunities that meet their unique skills and goals. For instance, some scholarships are based on student interests for after graduation; others look at a student’s individual experiences, or their service to the community. We hope all our students will take a careful look at the opportunities available and submit an application for any that seem like a possibility. 


Applying is easy – students should click this link and print off the various applications. Then just be aware of the submission deadlines – they can come up quickly!


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