Principal's Message

William Mayer

It is a privilege to serve as your child’s principal. As the instructional leader of this building, I take the position very seriously, making sure we are creating a positive learning environment while also promoting your child’s safety. 

In this update, you will find several sections:

  1. Our BIG 5 (Principles at NES)

  2. Relationships & New Team Members

  3. Key Upcoming Dates

  4. Literacy & Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

  5. PBIS Incentives

  6. Communication

  7. PTO

Each section is separated with a heading to make it easy to find. Please feel free to contact me or Mr. Baker with any questions: or

We look forward to a fun and successful school year!

BIG 5 at NES (our principles)

  1. Safety First

  2. Culture and Climate 

  3. Relationships Matter

  4. High Expectations and Rigor

  5. Communication is Key 

Relationships & New Team Members

Our staff understands the importance of relationships. We want our staff to be “Kid Connectors” at all times. My favorite educationally-related quote is: “Kids will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they WILL NEVER FORGET how you made them feel!” For us, it’s all about RELATIONSHIP BUILDING and MAKING that CONNECTION, and these are some of our BIG 5 at NES.  We assure you that your Blue Streak will feel RIGHT AT HOME this year at North Elementary! 

We would also like to welcome eight new TEAM members to NORTH. 

  • Mr. Baker is our new assistant principal with over 33 years of experience, 22 as an administrator.

  • Mr. Artz is our 4th grade intervention specialist.

  • Mrs. Cvelbar and Ms. Peters are our 3rd grade teachers.

  • Mrs. Horvath is our 1st grade teacher. 

  • Mrs. White is our 2nd grade instructional aide.

  • Mrs. Sircelj is assisting in our special education units.

  • Ms. Naso is our newest building substitute teacher. 

Welcome to you all!

Key Upcoming Dates

  1. Open House: Our Open House for ALL GRADES will be Tues. Aug. 17 from 2pm-3pm and 6pm-7pm. We’d love to see as many parents/guardians as possible in the building to meet our staff.

  2. Drop-Off/Pick-Up

    1. Drop-off in the AM is from 7:30am-7:40am. Please do not line up before 7:20am to alleviate the traffic on Red Bird/Burns Rd.

    2. Pick-up in the PM will be 1:55pm-2:05pm. Please do not line up before 1:45pm – this is very important. Please make sure to have your PICK UP #s displayed in your windshield on the passenger side so we can easily see them. This makes the process much more efficient.

Literacy & Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

We will be continuing our P4L (Partnerships 4 Literacy) project through SST 4 and the Ohio State University grant we received last year. We have purchased a number of new children’s books on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and plan to implement those into our daily readings/curriculum. Our district as a whole has purchased a new SEL curriculum as well which will be a positive addition to support our WHOLE CHILD and SEL initiatives we have at NES. 

PBIS Incentives

Our PBIS matrix is: STREAK (Safety, Teamwork, Responsibility, Effort, and Kindness). We want these 6 behaviors to happen throughout our building in locations such as: Classroom, Hallways/Restrooms, Cafeteria, Playground and Assemblies. To encourage and reward these behaviors, we will continue with all of our PBIS incentives, including:

  • “Treasure Chest” each Friday for good behavior/effort

  • Streak of the Month awards

  • Kindness Badge

  • The 212 Board for exceptional work

  • Our E+R=O board in the cafeteria for great behavior on the playground/in the cafeteria

  • Streak tables

  • Eating outside for lunch in the courtyard

… plus many more. New this year: we will be selecting students to attend the MHS Football games and receive “SIDELINE” passes to attend the games for PBIS behaviors. 


Communication is a very important aspect in education. We like to “over communicate” rather than “under communicate.” These are the most important communications vehicles we will be using this year to keep you informed:

  • Administration will be sending home a weekly newsletter, called the NORTH NEWS.

  • We use social media via our PTO Facebook page, Mr. Mayer’s twitter account (@mayer1nes) and Mr. Baker’s twitter account (@BlueStreakAP).

  • We have a new Remind 101 message ( for updates from administration, called NORTH NEWS. You can sign up by texting to 81010 and in the message put @d32c43

  • Our ROW the BOAT stakeholders calendar contains important dates/times for school events. 


Our PTO does a tremendous job for our school. Their efforts and fundraising allow our students to participate in a variety of education experiences including field trips, COSI, dances, movie nights, etc. These experiences help support the well-rounded educational experience NORTH provides for all Blue Streaks. 

We encourage you to get involved in our PTO. We love having parent volunteers and adults helping in the building. Please sign up to be a member of our North PTO. 

Once again, we are looking forward to an exciting year with your Blue Streak. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email myself or Mr. Baker: or

Yours in education,

William A. Mayer Jr. 



“Some dream of success, while others wake up and work hard at it!”



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