Angela Smith
Angela Smith

Learning happens in so many diverse ways, and it is different for every individual.  What is meaningful for one person may have no relevance to another.  While the state asks us to measure learning in achievement on a standardized test, there is so much more that happens in our schools for both students and adults.  This year we have chosen to highlight the many ways our students and staff experience learning in our district and throughout the Madison Community.  The pictures and articles are only a snapshot of all the wonderful things that happen in our schools on a daily basis. 

I hope that as you page through this year's calendar that you take time to read the articles about all the opportunities afforded our students.  Our students excel in the arts, technology, career tech, science and engineering classes.  We have had students recognized for writing competitions, academic challenge, and math competitions.

Another way our students learn is through experiences.  Our students participate in the Manufacturing Exposition, the Arthur Holden Leadership Institute, and the Alliance for Working Together Robotics Program.  They take trips to the state's and nation's capital and around their own community.  One of the highlights of our year was the grand-opening of the student-run branch of the Lake County Educational Federal Credit Union at Madison High School.  This branch is run by the students enrolled in the Personal Financial Literacy class.  The students and their teacher, Mr. BJ Titman, worked hand in hand with the credit union staff to open the branch for student and staff use.  This is a true blending of classroom learning and real life application. 

Our staff models learning as well.  Many of our staff take additional courses and participate in professional development to enhance their teaching and effectiveness with our students.  In January, they participated in a poverty simulation to understand the impact poverty can have on our students.  Our early elementary teachers have been receiving training in early literacy and phonics instruction.  Our high school staff participated in mental health training during Tuesday morning collaboration time.  

Finally the success of what we do is measured by the many accomplishments of our senior class.  There were over 30 community groups who awarded scholarships to over 40 seniors in May at the Senior Academic Awards Banquet.  Forty-four seniors earned the Principal's Award for Exceptional Educational Academic Achievement for having a 4.0 g.p.a. or higher. 

So while we highlight the accomplishments of last year, we look to the opening of our doors in August and the start of another year to come.  I am excited to welcome our students and staff back, and look forward to reading to students, walking through classrooms, and attending events to celebrate all the ways our students and staff learn together.  I invite you to learn with us. 

Yours in Education

Angela M. Smith, Superintendent




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