Business Department

The Assistant Superintendent and office staff work closely with department supervisors and support staff to insure that our students, staff and visitors to our schools are provided with quality services in a safe, healthy environment.

To operate and maintain the school plant, equipment and services; to set high standards of safety; to promote the health of students and staff; to reflect the aspirations of the community; and, to support the efforts of the staff to provide good instruction, drive the day-to-day activities.

As with other multi-million dollar operations, it is natural for this department to cover a wide variety of functions.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
a.)  administering the district's insurance programs,
b.)  maintaining accident reports,
c.)  monitoring the district's telecommunications, business machines, utilities and energy management,
d.)  coordinating purchases of materials, supplies and buses,
e.)  maintaining a schedule of needed capital expenditures,
f.)  complying with all workplace safety regulations as required by law;
g.)  overseeing building utilization; and
h.)  assisting with the administration of any collective bargaining agreement governing personnel functions.

The Business Department is also responsible for maintaining the district's "Emergency Planning Guide" including school safety responses to unwelcome visitors, procedures for workplace injuries, and emergency evacuation procedures.

Human Resources
Vacancies within the Madison Local School District, both of a temporary and permanent nature, are posted on-line. All applications for employment must be completed on-line.  Paper applications are no longer accepted by mail or fax. 

Open Enrollment
The Madison Local Board of Education permits students from any public school district in Ohio to enroll in the schools of this district without the payment of tuition through its interdistrict open enrollment program.  

Through intradistrict open enrollment, the Board of Education also permits students to attend the school of their choice within the district. 

Applications will be approved subject to grade- and building-level limitations.  Transportation will be provided to and from school, but only from a designated bus stop within the assigned school's attendance area under the same distance and other limitations which apply to native students.
All open enrollment is subject to the terms established by law and the application rules, regulations, procedures and policy of the Board.  [See link]

Building Utilization
Although the basic purpose of public school facilities is to provide the youth of the community a sound education program, the complete function of education is not achieved until the school facilities are made to serve the total community.  

To accomplish this objective, the community is encouraged to use the facilities under the acceptable terms and conditions of Board policy 7510, Community Use of School Facilities and regulations 7510. 

School facilities are not available for the financial profit of individuals, corporations or companies. 

Questions/Comments/Concerns ...
feel free to contact  at Mrs. Angela or her staff:

Janet Maurer          (440) 428-9324
EMIS Coordinator

Leanna Revier
EMIS Secretary      (440) 428-9318