According to the National Transportation and Safety Administration, school bus transportation is the safest form of land transportation in the nation.    Each school day, the Madison Local School District operates over 30 buses, transporting some 2,790 students.  In an average school year, our buses travel approximately 480,000 miles!

All bus drivers must hold a valid Commerical Drivers License (CDL) with a school bus endorsement. In order to obtain this license, an individual must 1) attend a three-day school by the Department of Education; 2) pass a physical examination; 3) complete a minimum of four hours of on bus observation and eight hours of driving with a licensed driver; and 4) pass a driving skills test administered by the state.  Physical exams must be taken every year, and the CDL must be renewed every four years. All drivers are subject to random drug and alcohol screenings as long as they are employed in a position requiring a CDL. Schools are also required to check an individual's seven-year driving record on an annual basis.

The safe transportation of pupils is of the utmost importance to all of us. The key to the operation of a safe transportation system is three-fold:
1.) The school district provides well-maintained vehicles and trained professional drivers. 
2.) Passengers provide the driver with an atmosphere that will allow him/her to direct full attention to safe driving.
3.) Drivers provides passengers with a uniform and fair application of the rules established by the district for transportation services.

Bus drivers are trained and directed to provide a favorable atmosphere for all passengers. Passengers' behavior is expected to promote this atmosphere by showing respect for others...fellow passengers, drivers, sponsors, motorists, residents, and property owners.

Acceptable behavior of pupil passengers is as follows:

A. At the bus stop:
Arrive on time, but not too early; five mins. before scheduled time.)
2.) Treat the adjacent residents' property with respect and consideration.
3.) Have regard for the hazards and rights of motorists.  Do not play or stand in the street.

B. During the loading and unloading process:
When crossing the street to a stopped bus, cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus. (NEVER behind the bus!)
2.) Use the front door.  The rear exit is to be used for emergencies only.
3.) Wait for an approaching bus at least ten feet from where the school bus is to come to a complete stop. NEVER rush towards a moving bus or crowd and push to board the vehicle.  If you are not going to cross the street after leaving the bus, move back from the curb to allow the bus to continue on its route without danger to you.

C. On the bus:
 Obey the directions of the driver.
2.) Take seats promptly and remain seated until time to unload and the bus has come to a complete stop. Keep the aisles clear. Seats may be assigned to pupils at the discretion of the driver.
3.) The "noise" level permitted may consist of quiet talking. When directed to be silent, respond immediately and completely.
4.) Bus windows may be open when approved by the driver. Windows are to be closed at schools. Do not extend arms or head out of the window or throw anything out of the window since personal injury may occur.
5.) Do not tamper with or damage the bus.
6.) Flame or spark producing devices are not allowed on the school bus.
7.) Glass and other articles, which could result in danger to passengers, shall not be transported on buses. 
8.) Items to be carried on the school bus cannot protrude into the aisle, extend above the seat back, or occupy space of another student.
9.) Animals/pets, living or otherwise, are strictly prohibited on vehicles transporting students.
10.) Misrepresenting one's identity shall constitute misconduct.

Elementary students will not be discharged at places other than their regular bus stop unless by written authorization from parent/guardian or school official, and then, only at designated bus stops.

School Closing due to Weather

During the winter months, emergency closings of schools for inclement weather may be necessary.  Please use the link to "Weather/Calamity Day Information" at the upper right of this page for local information.

Questions, Comments, Concerns ...
please contact the Transportation Department at 440-428-9312