Pupil Services

Jennifer Catanese-Grimes
Pupil Services Director


The Pupil Services Department ensures that all children with disabilities have available to them a free and appropriate public education that emphasizes specially-designed instruction to meet their unique needs.

We are committed to providing children with disabilities the best conditions for learning, while keeping in compliance with federal and state regulations. Our department fosters alignment with Ohio's Operating Standards, Content Standards and Performance Standards for Ohio's Schools.

The Madison Local  School  District makes every attempt to identify gifted students from diverse backgrounds.  Students who are from culturally diverse backgrounds, English as a Second Language (ESL) students, economically disadvantaged students, homeless students, disabled students, students with physical or sensory disabilities and any other student who may have special circumstances will not be excluded in any manner from potential gifted identification.  
Assessment instruments and conditions shall be used that are appropriate for each student.  If necessary, translators shall be secured for students who need that accommodation. Tests that are valid for special populations shall be used for students from diverse backgrounds.  All tests administered appear on the current Chart of Approved Gifted Identification/Screening Instruments (Ohio Department of Education).



Pupil Services Secretary:

Deb Sanford     440-428-9320
email debbie.sanford@madisonschools.net

Director of Pupil Services:

Jen Catanese-Grimes   440-428-9320
email jen.catanese-grimes@madisonschools.net