Board Of Education

Brian D. Horvath
Brian Horvath
Title: Board member

Brian was appointed to the Board in August of 2020 and is currently on the ballot for the upcoming election in November 2021.  Brian and his wife Wendy, have lived in Madison since 2005 and have four children: Zachary(14), Asher(12), Levi(9), and Elizabeth(7) that attend Madison Public Schools.  He earned his Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Youngstown State University in 1998, as well as, his Master’s in Business Administration from Lake Erie College in 2007.

    Brian is the Site Operations Manager for Carmeuse at the Grand River and Erie Dock locations.  At Carmeuse, Brian is actively involved in supporting local non-profit agencies such as Torchlight for Youth Mentoring Alliance, as well as, local communities including Madison.  Thru donation and sponsorship opportunities, as well as, active participation, he has and continues to support various sports and classroom programs with the Madison Schools.

           As a Board member, I bring the philosophy that even though college is an important part of the success of some students, not everyone is destined to go to college.  The Madison public school system needs to offer opportunities to support that pathway, but also support those that will go on to Trade schools, Military, or will look for going directly into the workplace following graduation from high school.  My father went to trade school following high school, and worked as a welder until he retired and I definitely am a firm believer in the school system being able to support all the pathways that are possible following graduation from high school.  For me, the formula for successful students involves the students, school staff at all levels, parents, and community.