Guide to the National Honor Society Selection Process

Guide to the National Honor Society Selection Process
I. All students with a 3.5 GPA or above after the first semester of their junior or
senior year will be notified and given this guide and a Student Activity
Information Survey.
II. Notified students who feel they also meet the other three criteria must then
submit a completed Student Activity Information Survey listing pertinent
activities (both in and out of school) and rewards received during their high
school career.
III. Faculty members receive a list of all eligible students. They make specific
comments, positive and negative, as to the extent to which each student meets the
criteria of leadership, service, and scholarship. The number of teachers familiar
with the student is not germane to selection.
IV. A faculty council of five teachers then selects the new members based upon the
evaluations received from the faculty and the Student Activity Information Survey
submitted by the applicant. (This is the exact process outlined by the National
Constitution of the National Honor Society that all chapters must adopt and
follow.) Refer to pages 3 and 4 for guidelines to help define the qualities of
character, leadership, and service. A faculty council of 5 teachers selects the new
members based upon the Student Survey, one page essay, and faculty evaluations.
A student must receive a majority vote of the council to be selected. The
decision of the council is final. The only appeal available is through the principal
and must be based on a procedural error.
V. The results of selection are held in confidence until formal notification is made.
VI. The traditional induction ceremony is held in two parts.
a. The first part occurs on the morning of induction. Your parents will be
notified by mail prior to this morning. Letters will be sent to parents at the
address of their choice, informing them of selection or non-selection. The
parent will decide whether or not to inform their student of selection or
non-selection before the “tap-in.” A current NHS member will come to
your house and “surprise” you with some treats and let you know that you
have been chosen for membership in NHS. This is your tap-in to NHS.
b. The formal ceremony is generally held the evening following the “tap-in”
ceremony. During the formal ceremony, the newly selected members are
registered and formally inducted into the National Honor Society.

VII. Non Selection
The members of the National Honor Society, faculty, and administration of
Madison High School understand that non-selection may be disheartening, but
“the parents and students must understand that no student has the right to be
selected for membership in a chapter of the National Honor Society.” In light of
this fact established by the United States Supreme Court: the National Council
and the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) have no
authority to review or overturn the judgment of the faculty council regarding
selection of members to the local chapter. All decisions of the faculty council
are final.

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