Community update, January 15, 2021

Angela Smith, Superintendent

January 15, 2021

Dear Madison Community,

Thank you for a successful first week back with in person learning.  We know there were many changes to work out, and I applaud you and our staff for their efforts this week.  

As you may be aware, vaccines will be on the way for our staff in February.  I have committed to the Governor that we will continue with in-person learning on March 1, which is a requirement for staff to be able to receive the vaccine.  However, this does not mean that remote learning will end for those who are currently remote.  Those students will remain remote for the remainder of the year, as we are able to continue to offer both models of education according to the Ohio Department of Education.   I hope that clarifies any questions you may have regarding the March 1 requirement of the Governor.  

For the past month, I have been meeting twice weekly with the other area superintendents and the health department regarding the vaccine rollout.  If you have questions or are eligible for the vaccine through the 1A or 1B distribution, please click here. This site is updated regularly and provides the most current information available.  I appreciate the work of the Lake County General Health District for the work they have done throughout this pandemic and to prepare for this next phase that will hopefully help bring the pandemic to an end.   

Please remember that masks are required for in-person learning and shields may only be worn in conjunction with a mask.  If you have questions, please contact your building principal.  

Again, I want to thank each of you for your efforts in getting our students back to school.  Our teachers are glad to be there and so are our students.  I hope that everyone enjoys the weekend – let’s all cheer on our Cleveland Browns! We remain #MadisonStrong. 



Angela Smith 



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