District Leadership Team works to guide district improvements

District Leadership Team

Every school district has its own individual needs based on the unique students, families, and community that participate within the district. In order to ensure MLS is utilizing all of its resources for the betterment of our students and the enhancement of their educational journeys, MLS relies on a District Leadership Team. 


The District Leadership Team (DLT) is composed of 25 members representing every school – PreK, North Elementary, South Elementary, Madison Middle School, Madison High School – as well as the State Support Team - Region 4, MLS’s liaison group associated with the Ohio Department of Education. Aside from the State Support Team, the team’s members are teachers and administrators who are heavily involved within their building and actively communicate with students, families, and fellow staff members. 


The main responsibilities of the DLT are to identify and prioritize needs for the district, and then to work collaboratively with building leadership and teacher-based teams to address identified needs and improve teaching and learning. The DLT looks at data to determine these areas of improvement before developing and implementing action plans to address them. As needs are addressed, new areas of improvement are determined, and the cycle repeats. 


“There’s so much more to a district’s needs than any one person can identify,” states Angela Smith, Superintendent. “These leaders volunteer their time in efforts to guide the district in ways for the better. Each individual joins us with a unique perspective based on their experiences in their home building, and they all work together to make MLS a phenomenal educational experience.” 


The DLT meets at minimum six times per year, with additional dates added as needed. For the 2022-23 school year, the main topics being addressed include: 


  • Attendance
  • Graduation
  • Achievement for students with disabilities
  • Evidence-based support for students who struggle to learn
  • Creating a positive climate/culture
  • Implementing new English/Language Arts materials
  • Ohio’s new Dyslexia law
  • Shortage of substitute teachers


As you can see, these are serious, important topics that encompass all our students and will increase the district’s success overall. MLS is thankful to these individuals that volunteer their time to keep MLS a great district for all students, families, teachers, administrators, and more. 


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