District Spelling Bee was G-R-E-A-T

Spelling Bee

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E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T! That’s how our elementary and middle school students did at our District Spelling Bee, held on Tuesday, January 25. With winning words like camera, telescope, contorted, and champion, our spelling bees really out-spelled themselves this year! 


Per usual, the District Spelling Bee participants are determined by the individual school’s own spelling bees. The winners from each school are then sent to the district event. The winners of each grade are then determined. 


Congratulations to the winners of the elementary schools: 


  • Alaric Werling, NES, with the winning word camera. Alaric will be moving on to Finals. 
  • Deklen Moore, NES, with the winning word telescope. Deklen will be moving on to Finals. 


In addition, Gabriel Quiggle, grade 6, and Luke Young, grade 8, were the last two spellers of the district event, with winning words contorted and champion


Congratulations to our winners and all who spelled! 


This year, the participants included: 


Grade 4

Aaliyah Foster, NES

Alaric Werling, NES

Matthew Bukky-Crim, SES

Caleb Smith, SES


Grade 5

Akaylia Barnhill, NES

Deklen Moore, NES

Mason Clark, SES

Colt Sidoti, SES


Grade 6

Gabriel Quiggle, MMS


Grade 7

Tessa Canfield, MMS


Grade 8

Luke Young, MMS


MMS Alternates

Grade 6 - Killian Beduhn

Grade 7 - Adam Coach

Grade 8 - Anne Ruzin



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