North Elementary chooses kindness

Spread Kindness

This past week was Kindness Week at North Elementary School, with the school council honing in on encouraging kindness, for each other and ourselves. Kindness Week ties in with North’s and our district’s goals of incorporating Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), which encourages emotional and relational life skills critical to mental health and successful social interaction. PBIS focuses on developing self-awareness; self-management; social awareness; relationship skills; and responsible decision making in students. 


This week, students participated in themed days to encourage spreading kindness: 


  • Monday: PAJAMA DAY – Dream of Kindness
  • Tuesday: HAT DAY – Hats Off to Kindness
  • Wednesday: COLORFUL DAY – Brighten Someone’s Day with Kindness
  • Thursday: CRAZY HAIR DAY – Crazy for Kindness
  • Friday: MADISON DAY – Bluestreak Kindness Day


North Elementary prides itself on preparing our students to become involved and aware community members. This Spirit Week encouraged our students to keep up these habits as we continue to #choosekind everyday.  


To follow up our Kindness Week, the student council will be making valentines for the Lantern, a retirement home in Madison. They will present them to the elderly on Valentine’s Day. 


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