PBIS update for MLS buildings

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Madison Local Schools utilizes Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) within its buildings to create and encourage a successful and supportive atmosphere for its students. PBIS is an evidence-based three-tiered framework that focuses on nurturing the desired behaviors of our students and staff. By incorporating different PBIS techniques, we can see improved student outcomes in: 

  • Academic performance

  • Social-emotional competence

  • Reduced bullying behaviors

  • Decreased rates of student-reported drug/alcohol abuse

  • Reduced exclusionary discipline

We also see improved teacher outcomes: 

  • Perception of teacher efficiency

  • School organizational health & school climate

  • Perception of school safety

Because of how successful PBIS has been proven to be in schools across the country, MLS has been making changes in order to incorporate more of their methods into our schools. Below is an update of what we have been working on for the 2020-2021 school year, provided by Ms. Kriegmont, South Elementary Principal and District PBIS Coach: 

  • Teams consisting of general education teachers, intervention specialists, support staff, administration, and specialists are fully functioning at both elementary schools, the middle school, and the high school. 

  • Teams meet monthly to keep the building messaging consistent and ensure behavioral expectations are being taught and reinforced. 

  • Each team has a coach: a staff member with a passion for the subject who takes on the role voluntarily. 

  • Behavioral expectations revolve around our STREAK acronym: Safety, Teamwork, Responsibility, Effort, And Kindness in all areas of the school environments, including the virtual learning environment. 

  • Reinforcements include Streak Bucks (which allow drawings for prizes and privileges), shout outs, positive postcards, Streak of the Week or Month recognition (for students and staff), etc. 

  • The PreK is completing year two of training for all staff in the philosophy and framework of PBIS, led by our State Support Team consultants. 

  • On January 29, the PBIS Coaches (one from each building) will be participating in the first of several training sessions with Crossroads Health on trauma-informed practices so that we can incorporate this information into our PBIS plan and student support. 

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