Positive Student of the Week

positive student of the week

In the midst of the pandemic, it is really easy to become overwhelmed with negativity and anxiety. We always welcome the little things, but in a time like this, positivity and generosity are needed more than ever. This is why MHS Art & Design has been recognizing students as “Positive Student of the Week.” To earn this award, students have gone out of their way to help someone without being prompted, bring a positive attitude to the classroom, and put effort into what they do, taking guidance and pushing themselves to be better. 


Eric Head, Madison High School Art Teacher, started the award during the 2019-2020 school year as a way to not only encourage students, but to help students see that people notice when you do nice things for others. 


“I think kindness can be overlooked,” Head states. “I think kindness is something we should focus on and model as teachers. Being understanding, kind, uplifting -- and using those things to guide and teach, especially during this time of COVID-19 and online learning.” 


Students who are recognized receive a free donut at Maggies in Madison, a certificate, and a Twitter post on the MHS Art & Design page. Follow their page here


“Negativity generates negativity,” Head continues. “Kindness is often taken as weakness, when it is really a strength. In most situations it can show patience, maturity, unconditional love, and respect. Kids caught in the craziness of remote learning and COVID-19 are prone to shutting down from being overwhelmed and confused… positivity and kindness can diffuse most of those situations, and encourage the students that they are supported, no matter how they are struggling.” 


2020-2021 school year recipients of the “Positive Student of the Week” award include: Truman Myers, Chloe Wakim, Soo Varga, Lexi Fleischer, Cailin Keller, Giana Masony, and Brianna McKinney. 


We can’t wait to see who is recognized next! 


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