Project Unify assembly and Teamwork Week huge successes

Project Unify

On Thursday, April 1, Madison High School hosted its annual Project Unify Assembly, though due to the restrictions of the pandemic, it looked slightly different than past years. Project Unify partners students who have special needs with varsity athletes to compete in sporting events. The idea behind Project Unify is to celebrate and recognize a section of the student body that generally misses out on those opportunities. 


With the current restrictions, English teacher Mr. Chad Butler and student director Ms. Caitlin Barnicoat focused on keeping the event safe while still giving the Project Unify students their moment of recognition and celebration. Together, Mr. Butler and Ms. Barnicoat planned a PBIS themed Teamwork Week that ended with the Project Unify assembly. 


“We approached Teamwork Week with the idea of truly making it a team effort in all aspects,” describes Mr. Butler. “To support this, we enlisted as many different departments and students to not only participate in the events, but help in the creation.” 


Departments and students that participated include: 

  • Mr. Head and his art class created a Project Unify mural

  • Mr. Wadd and his woods class helped to create a frame that held the mural

  • Mrs. Calhoun and her choir created a celebratory music video

  • Mr. Sivon lent his technology experience to create a senior video for the Project Unify seniors

  • The National Honor Society and KEy Club offered student volunteers to run all the events during lunch 

  • The staff participated in the two major competitions, Free Throw Shooting and Madtown Trivia, to set leaderboards for students to compete against all week long


The Project Unify assembly itself required limited attendance to follow COVID-19 restrictions. Juniors and seniors were allowed to sign up during their lunch periods to attend the assembly as a cheering crowd. The assembly was live streamed for the remainder of students to watch. 


“A lot of work had to go into making the week and assembly possible, but it did not take long to realize it had all been worth it,” says Mr. Butler. “In a year short on meaningful involvement and genuine excitement at the high school, it was amazing to see both expressed all week long. Truth be told, however, the smiles of the Unify athletes at the assembly itself would have made it worth it on their own. The rest was just an extremely appreciated bonus.” 


MHS’s Yearbook seniors were instrumental in putting the week and assembly together. Along with Mr. Butler and Ms. Barnicoat, the students spent months planning and testing ideas to make sure the week’s events would be things students would want to participate in. Mr. Butler would like to extend a shout out to students: 


  • Lexi Fleischer

  • Kate Kuntz

  • Tony Moore

  • Makenzie Smith

  • Maria Stocker



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