Senior Scholarship Night


On Tuesday, May 16, Madison High School recognized the inspiring accomplishments of our Class of 2023 with a Senior Academic Awards Ceremony. This event not only celebrated students’ exceptional academic achievements, but distributed 45 scholarships to our seniors for their dedication and diligence throughout their time at Madison Local Schools. More than $40,000-worth of scholarships were awarded to seniors from community members, alumni groups, and booster clubs for students’ excellent showing of academic prowess, above and beyond community service, and athletic accomplishments.


“It’s especially rewarding getting to see students be supported for their 13 years of hard work,” says Mr. Tom Brady, MHS Principal. “These scholarships go a long way in helping students financially as they prepare for college.” 


MLS is incredibly thankful to our community for investing in the futures of our students. In receiving scholarships, students are receiving the assurance and liberty to allow more focus on their studies at their chosen college/university. With tuition rising year by year, financial assistance grows in importance for our students’ success. 


Ms. Angela Smith, Superintendent, states, “I am thankful for the generosity of the community who have created scholarship opportunities for our students. This night highlighted the hard work of our senior class and all they have accomplished at Madison High School.” 


We would like to highlight one of our incredibly generous scholarships, the James and Sally Mayko Klingbeil Endowed Scholarship Fund. Established June 2, 2000, the Klingbeils provide undergraduate scholarships to students from Madison High School to attend The Ohio State University. Eligible students demonstrate strong academics, have been active in their school and community, and have demonstrated leadership throughout their time at MLS. The scholarship covers 100% of tuition. This year, the James and Sally Mayko Klingbeil Endowed Scholarship was presented to Emma MacAdam and Zachary Frager. 


Below are the additional scholarships and awards presented to students, as well as a few photos of recipients at the event: 

The William J. Fisher “Work Horse” Award & Scholarship - Erin Keener

The Class of 1976 Scholarship  - Seth Gabor

The Steven and Meredith Gajda Healthcare Scholarship  - Raegan Elliott

The 2022 MHS Student Council Scholarship  - Libby Worthy and Campbell Wood

The Ingalls/Owoc Family - Campbell Wood

The Mind, Body, Spirit Award  - Erin Keener

The Morris Family Scholarship  - Emili Blackie

The SAK Aspiring Teacher Scholarship  - Dylan Martel

 The James D. and Sally Mavko Klingbeil Scholarship - Emma MacAdam & Zach Frager

 Friends of the Madison Public Library Scholarship  - Morgan Brotz & Seth Gabor

The Christ Child Scholarship  - Erin Keener

Gabe Paul Running Free Legacy Scholarship  - Savannah Watren

Jerry McIntyre Memorial Scholarship  - Savannah Watren & Drew Laurie

The Madison Booster Club Scholarship - Lily Alcantar, Maddie Ebersbach, Raegan Elliott, Erin Keener, Samantha Kistler, Riley Meister, Autumn Molnar, Lexie Nicholson, Rebecca Sabo, Ethan Staffiera, Li Winner

Tom Bilek Memorial Scholarship  - Samantha Kistler

Ray Truxal Memorial Community Service Scholarship - Campbell Wood

Edward J. Moran Scholarship - Dylan Martel & Emma MacAdam 

The Jeff Grier Memorial Art Scholarship - Paityn Blackie

Mel Walker Memorial Scholarship  - Savannah Watren

Madison Elementary Schools PTO Scholarships - Savannah Watren & Lily Alcantar

The American Legion Post 601 Scholarships - Erin Keener, Rebecca Sabo, Lexie Nicholson, Savannah Watren, Ben Gulya & Emily Sprague

 The Good Running Scholarship - Rebecca Sabo

 The David G. Erbacher Scholarship - Taylor Hennessey

 The David Kurilko Scholarship - Lexie Nicholson

 Ashton Hynd Memorial Scholarship - Andrew Spitler

 The Janice Cassidy Memorial Education Scholarship - Liz Lausin

 The Madison Education Association Scholarship - Josephine Measel

 The Madison Kiwanis Key Club Scholarship - Olivia March

The American Red Cross Scholarship - Olivia March

 The G.I.F.T. ‘53 Scholarship - Seth Gabor, Samantha Kistler, Riley Meister

 The Carldon Fisher Business Scholarship  - Taylor Hennessey

The John and Joan Beach Memorial Scholarship - Zoe Geiger & Raegan Elliott

The Renaissance Award - Owen Lejacks

The Robert J. Leitch Memorial Scholarship - Olivia Blake

SADD/TI Scholarship - Zoe Geiger

The Finish Line Scholarship  - Taylor Hennessey & Daniel Elkins

Danny Parmertor Scholarship - Ethan Weaver