Spanish and Ecology classes host outdoor produce market

Ecology pumpkins

The Madison High School Spanish and Ecology classes came together in efforts to fundraise for their class’ student led projects. Students sold pumpkins, gourds, and corn of all shapes and sizes at an outdoor “market” during two home football games. Students also shared what they have been working on in their classes with the community, including engaging in conversations on the effects our society has on the environment. 


The produce sold was planted by students last spring and harvested by students this fall. The students created signs to market the produce, built the market, and ran the production. Through this outdoor market, students were able to fundraise several hundreds of dollars for student-led projects in their Spanish and Ecology classes at MHS. 


“This project helps students experience the thrill of the harvest and the discoveries of what nature can provide,” says Ecology teacher Mr. Pira. “The market also allows students to share their work with the community and dissolves the walls between the classroom and community.”


In addition to planting and harvesting the produce and creating the market, students also used an online carbon emissions calculator to explore how growing food or crops in your own backyard can contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions. Mr. Pira intends to use this calculator in greater depth during a unit that explores diet choices and related impacts on the environment. If you’d like to explore the calculator itself, click here


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