Welcome back, South Elementary!

welcome back!

We held our first Zoom Open houses this week -- I’m writing this just as the K-1 event came to close. I popped in on several virtual meetings, ran into the Kindergarten teachers narrating through the halls into a Chromebook, raced a device down to Mrs. Ciani when her video froze, and laughed with Mrs. Gale as we tried to get her face in the camera’s view. It’s certain a far cry from last Fall, when we welcomed our K-1 families before the school year had even started, and encouraged them to practice riding the bus! It may be a lot quieter this year, but we are here, and that to me -- to us -- means the world. We are so glad to be back, meeting our students and families at SES, whether they have chosen virtual learning or face-to-face; we are happy to serve them.

Our top priority is safety. We’ve always emphasized Safety as an expected positive behavior, but this year we have added our COVID-related safety measures, too: Mask up, Back up, Wash up. We have limited the number of adults that students interact with daily, and vice versa; we’ve limited hallway traffic; we’ve limited the number of students eating in the cafeteria at one time -- we’ve done these things to stay safe, so we can stay in school. 

Even though we’re focusing on safety, we also want to remain the joyful space SES has always been. As the students and staff adjust to our new routines, we will bring back some of our old favorites in new ways. For example, we are brainstorming a drive-through Literacy Night, instead of the usual fantastic, but crowded, gathering. We will have school pictures in October, but instead of a bleacher shot, the class picture will be a composite of all the individual student photos. We continue to present Streak of the Week awards, both face-to-face and virtual, and we will still have Streak Buck drawings to reinforce and reward positive behavior. On top of all this, I’m sure we’ll find new ways to have fun together. How could we not? 

Finally, we are working hard to make up any academic losses from the unexpected spring shutdown and related stresses. Teachers are benchmarking students to find out what they know in order to move them forward appropriately. I am grateful for a strong team of educators who are committed to helping students grow. We are thankful for your support at home, too; please help your kids work their brains and their bodies each day. The Madison Public Library is open for pick-up and browsing if your child needs some new books to read, and there is a Story Walk behind the middle school, too! 

Let me assure you that even if you can’t see my mouth, I’m smiling! I hope you and your kids are too. 

We missed you. Welcome back. 


Ms. Kriegmont, Principal

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