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    Study Skills is a time to focus on specific skill building.  On Monday and Tuesday I will focus on Language Arts skills with 7th grade students.  On Wednesday and Thursday I will focus on Math skills with 7th grade students.  On Friday I will have only my case load kids.  We will be checking grades, progress monitoring and working on other skills to help them be successful in school.

    Lesson Plans for each week are attached as word files on the right side of this page.

    *Please note that this is not a study hall. Students have NO time during this class for homework or studying for their class tests. All homework and studying for other classes must be done at home.

    Friday Folders are sent home to my students every Friday unless otherwise noted. Please ask to see these on Fridays. Address any provided materials or notes, sign in the parent comment section, and have your child return the folder to school on Monday.

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