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  • Google Hangouts

    I will be available to chat via Google Hangouts every day during our 1st block class hours....  no late arrival Tuesdays though- so if you need to see me or talk to me and an email just won't work, catch me on Hangouts from 8:15-9:45 AM if you need me... (email works 8-3:30.  If I see it after 3:30 I will get back to you for sure!!)

  • PBIS Extra-credit Thursdays!!

    Week of 5-11

    The school district would like to continue PBIS even though we are not physically in school...  the theme for this week is: GRIT.  Here is what we will do every Thursday. Post a picture, or in this case share a story displaying the theme of the week.

    You’ve been social distancing and working from home for 6 weeks now. It may feel much longer. How do you stay strong and safe for the long haul? Grit can help. Do you demonstrate the characteristics that define grit? Self assess. 

    These are the 5 characteristics associated with grit: 

    ● Courage 

    ● Conscientiousness 

    ● Perseverance 

    ● Resilience 

    ● Passion

    PLEASE get your parents permission to send me an APPROPRIATE picture by Thursday during our 1st block class time-  so 8:15-9:45 AM is the window for full extra credit.

    You can get points for wearing Madison gear or colors and for your picture displaying the theme- practice your social distance while you do this each week....  send it through the Google drive or post it to the Google classroom

    Stay well....  Mr. D

  • Google Classroom Code

    Assignemtns will be here and in Google Classroom too.


    Code:   dpi45on


    The school district would like you to use Google Classroom for the rest of this semester.

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