US Government

Mr. Dragas




This course will re-acquaint you with the principals that our government was founded on and bring you up to date on the evolution of the United States government.  We will explore the three branches, the Constitution and how the government responds to current events. We will research and analyze any elections taking place during the semester.  We will study the changes in the Ohio government from the 1800’s until the 2000’s. We will study the income stream for the government and the economic policies it uses to control inflation, unemployment and foreign trade.




We will follow the grade scale in your planner.  There will be homework just about everyday and announced tests for each chapter.  Late work will not receive full credit. If you miss school check out the class web page at to find out what we did in class that day.  You can test out of the final with an “A” each quarter and on the midterm exam. Unit research will account for about 25% of the quarter grade. Your final grade is determined by this: Qtr 1=45%, Qtr 2=45% Midterm=5% and Final=5%.  We take a quiz at the start and end of the semester. You have the option to use the end of course exam grade as your final grade, or take the final on exam day.




  1. Be on time.

  2. Be in your assigned seat.

  3. Have your book, notebook and something to write with every day.

  4. Act your age/Respect for each other.

  5. Proper computer usage on the Chromebooks.


We will study current events weekly/daily so keep up on them.  We will do research on the Internet for each unit. Make arrangements now in case you do not have the Internet at home.  Participation is key to an interesting class—your opinion counts so please voice it often!

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