Bill to Law Research- Midterm Project

Find a bill currently in consideration- figure out how far along it is in the process.  Boys start in the House, girls start with a bill that originated in the Senate


  1. Number

  2. Name

  3. Did it originate in the House or Senate

  4. Who wrote it and party they are from

  5. Co-sponsors in their House/Senate

  6. Co-sponsors in the “other” House/Senate

  7. Paragraph explaining what the bill is about

  8. Is this bill good for the entire country or is it written for a district/state (public or private bill)

  9. What Committee is it assigned to

  10. What subcommittee is it assigned to?

  11. Were any public hearings scheduled? (or a junket or expert testimony)

  12. Is it scheduled for a vote yet?


Find a bill that is complete-


Do 1 through 11 above.


      12.  What was the vote yea’s and nay’s in the  a. House b. Senate  

  1.  Was it a party line vote?  Yes or no- how did you find out?

  2.  Was there a conference committee needed for the bill?

  3. What did President Trump do?  Sign it or veto? If there was a veto- what was the reason (Letter of Veto)


Share in the Google drive by Friday.

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