Integrated Math 1A  

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In this class we will be covering chapters 1 - 9 in the
Math Matters 1 textbook.  We will cover Data and Graphs, Measurement, Real Numbers and Variable Expressions, 2 & 3 Dimensional Geometry, Equations & Inequalites, Equations and Percents, Functions & Graphs, Polynomials, Probability.
  • Online Textbook

    We use the Math Matters 1 book for Integrated Math 2.  The website is  The access code for the online textbook is FC28ECC153.  It also offers additional resources such as... Chapter Themes, Extra Examples, Concepts in Motion, Self-Check Quizzes (Which students can do for extra credit as long the homework for that section was done), Vocabulary Revie, Chapter Test, MathWorks, Personal Tutor, and Standardized Test Practice.

  • Calculator

    Students will need a TI-30 IXS scientific calculator for class.

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