Unit 4 Concepts

Unit 4

Key Concepts for Unit 4

Suffixes- A suffix is a part of a word that changes the meaning of the base word.  They are added to the end of a base word.  We will be reviewing following suffixes:  -ed, -s, -es, -ing  

Suffix -ed has 3 sounds- /ed/ like in rented, /d/ like in banged, and /t/ like in fished

New Suffixes- -er, -est  as in comparisons (ex. longer, longest)

How do you "mark up" suffixes?   
Circle base word & underline suffix. 

Vowel teams- students should recognize the following vowel teams in words and the sounds they make.  We will not focus on the spelling rules for these combinations until a later unit.  EX.  boat, toe, snow, plow, trout, soup, school, blue, rescue, ch

Current Trick Words-
even, their, animal, here, used, use