Unit 7 Concepts

Key Concepts for Unit 7

Open Syllables- have only one vowel and does not have a consonant after it.  This is one way to spell words with long vowel sounds.  EX.  go, we, flu, I.  We will combine these syllables with closed syllables and vowel consonant -e syllables to make new words.  EX. pretend, provide, demand. 

y as a consonant- y is a consonant when it begins a word.  
y as a vowel- (a.k.a. "peachy y") y has 2 vowel sounds long /i/ and long /e/.
1 syllable words = long /i/ sound as in the words cry, why, try
2 syllable words = long /e/ sound as in the words 
baby, penny, copy. 

y can also be a suffix as in the words lump-lumpy or part of a suffix safe-safely